Monday, December 9, 2013

Mappy Monday: Upper Independent Hill

Below is a snippet from the Library of Congress's copy of the 1862 Map of N. Eastern Virginia and Vicinity of Washington that shows some of the landowners of the day.  Copies of the full map can be ordered through the LOC.


  1. Carolyn,

    Do you see a Hedges or Patterson anywhere on that map? Their land should have been somewhere in the vicinity of Potomac Mills Mall. My 5G grandfather (whose will you so kindly published) owned a lot of land in PW Co and down in the Quantico/Stafford area. The family gradually sold it all off one piece at a time as times got tough after the Civil War. Sadly, we also had a similar experience as you did with a family cemetery. One of the Hedges family cemeteries was on the land where the Potomac Festival Shopping Center now sits (you know, where the Outback Steakhouse is across from Potomac Mills). That developer moved all those graves to the Dumfries Public Cemetery. There was an old one room school house on that property as well called the "Hedges School" but it was also torn down. Thanks for your work on this blog - I really enjoy reading it each day as I have very deep roots in PW County as you do!

    Rhonda Atkinson

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      I didn't see either Hedges or Patterson mentioned on this particular map (circa 1862) but you can find a better link to it here:

    2. Thanks for checking!