Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fundraiser: Brentsville Jail Restoration Project

Be part of making history happen!

If you're looking to make a tax-deductible donation before the New Year, please consider the Brentsville Jail Restoration Project.

"Now that building stabilization, archeological work and restoration of the masonry have wrapped up at the Brentsville Jail, it’s time to start pulling together exhibits to present a historic interpretation of all that happened in the jail during the Antebellum Period and later.
When the final work of installing heating, cooling, electricity, plaster, fireplaces, and doors for the jail cells is completed by the scheduled opening at the end of 2014, visitors will be able to learn of the conditions under which prisoners, mainly slaves, were imprisoned. They’ll be able to see some of the archeological pieces that were found inside the building dating back years preceding the Civil War."

If you are interested in being a part of history and would like to support the restoration work at the jail, please visit the Historic Preservation Foundation’s website at ​

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