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Deed: J.B.T. Thornton, Special Commissioner, to Samuel R. Lowe, Jr. (1897)

The following Deed was executed as part of the judgment in the Chancery suit of Jno. Clarke et als v. Rena E. [Lynn] Tansill.   Mrs. Tansill was the sister of Ida M. [Lynn] Lowe and sister-in-law to the purchaser, Samuel R. Lowe, Jr.  The property conveyed in this Deed would eventually be included in the 1946 Deed between Joseph Lowe and his brother Bradford Lowe.

J. B. T. Thornton, Special Commissioner, to Samuel R. Lowe, Jr.
PWCo. Deed Book 45, pages 213-215

This Deed, made this 1st day of February 1897 between J.B.T. Thornton, Special Commissioner, as hereinafter set forth party of the first part, and Samuel R. Lowe, Jr. of the County of Prince William, state of Virginia, party of the second part.

Whereas, by a decree of the Circuit Court of the County of Prince William entered on the 11th day of May 1895 in the Chancery case entitled Jno. Clarke et al vs. Rena E. Tansill et all therein depending, it was among other things, adjudged ordered and decreed that E. E. Meredith, Jno. M. Johnson, Wm. E. Lipscomb, and J.B.T. Thornton, who were thereby appointed Special Commissioners for the purpose, should sell by public auction, after certain advertisements, and upon certain terms in the said decree fully set forth, certain real estate therein described, and

Whereas, the said E. E. Meredith, Jno. M. Johnson, William E. Lipscomb, and J.B.T. Thornton pursuant to the said decree, did on the 7th day of December 1896, after having duly advertised the same in accordance with the terms of the said decree, offer for sale, by public auction, the following described real estate, to-wit:

All that certain piece or parcel of land, lying and being situate in the Coles Magisterial District in Prince William County, Va. supposed to contain about sixty acres, and bounded as follows. Beginning at a stone in line of S. R. Lowe Sr. on the east side of the Manassas & Independent Hill road, thence up the said road in direction of Manassas, to the Occoquan Road and thence down the Occoquan Road, to Wm. Lynn’s line, thence with Wm. Lynn’s line to line of S. R. Lowe Sr. thence with his line to the place of beginning, being the portion of the real estate of the late Benson Lynn, which embraces the Old Home Place, where L. A. Lynn now resides. 

At which sale the said S. R. Lowe, Jr. made the last, and highest, bid therefore, and became the purchaser thereof at the price of One Hundred and Twenty Five Dollars, and

Whereas, the said sale was duly reported to the Court by the said Special Commissioner, and was by another decree, entered in the said cause on the 9th day of December 1896, by the said Court, approved and confirmed and

Whereas, the said S. R. Lowe, Jr. hath paid the whole of the said purchase money, which payment was duly reported to the said Court, and whereupon, by said decree, entered by the said Court, in the said cause on the 9th day of December 1896, the said J.B.T. Thornton was appointed Special Commissioner to execute and deliver to the said S. R. Lowe, Jr., a good and sufficient deed with Special Warranty, conveying the said real estate to him the said S. R. Lowe, Jr. in fee simple. 

Now therefore this deed witnesseth that for and in consideration of the premises, and in obedience to the said last mentioned decree, the said J.B.T. Thornton Special Commissioner as aforesaid, does grant unto the said S. R. Lowe, Jr. with special Warranty the real estate hereinbefore fully described. 

Witness the following signature and seal,
J.B.T. Thornton, Specl. Commissioner {seal}

State of Virginia
County of Prince William

To wit,

I, Edwin Nelson, Clerk of the County Court, for the County aforesaid in the state of Vriginia, do certify that J.B.T. Thornton, whose name is signed to the writing hereto annexed, bearing date on the 1st day of February 1897, has acknowledged the same before me in my County aforesaid.  Given under my hand this 1st day of February 1897.

E. Nelson clk

In Prince William County Court, Febry 1st 1897

This Deed was presented to the Court, with a certificate annexed, and was ordered to be recorded.


Edwin Nelson clk

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