Saturday, December 21, 2013

Current Affairs: Historic Prince William Awards First Annual Bulldozer Award

Historic Prince William Designates 
Prince William Public Schools as Recipient of 2013 Bulldozer Award

At the recent quarterly meeting, Historic Prince William awarded its first Bulldozer Award to Prince William Public Schools for their actions - and inactions - regarding cemetery preservation during construction of the 12th high school in the county.

On Veteran’s Day 2013, when no one was watching and without notifying the family, Prince William Public Schools excavated 11 graves from a historic cemetery associated with the Lynn family. 

After the school system was alerted to the presence of the historic cemetery this summer, Prince William Public Schools avoided its responsibility to find the relatives, or to communicate with those who could effectively help in the search.  

Prince William Public Schools produced incomplete documents for the Public Facility Review and skipped key steps in the process, after the initial land survey in 2008.   The school system approach was Bulldoze Now, Find Excuses Later.

As the society's president, Bill Olson, noted:

"The school system failed to do its homework.”

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