Monday, November 18, 2013

Military Monday: To the People of the South (Manassas Confederate Cemetery)

Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, VA)
September 11, 1867


Manassas, VA, Oct. 2, 1867 -- The Ladies Memorial Association of Manassas appeal to you to aid them in collecting and suitably interring the remains of the gallant men who fell fighting gloriously for you and yours on this ever memorable field.  The victories gained have sent a thrill of joy through every Southern heart and home; but still the bones of those who gave their lives to gain them lie uncared and unnoticed.  Our immediate section was so devastated by the war that we are not able, unaided, to perform the work before us.  A site has been donated for the Manassas Cemetery, and we propose to gather together the remains of all who fell in this region.  We ask every one who lost a friend here not only to render us all the aid possible, but to communicate with the Association, and give all the information they can about where their friends are buried, their brigade, regiment, company, &c.  We do not deem it necessary to make a stirring or eloquent appeal to the friends of the brave boys, whose bones now whiten the "plains of Manassas."  The fact that numbers from every county in the South fell here should be enough to make every one give his mite in aid of so noble a work on so proud a field.

Mrs. Sara E. Fewell

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  1. Ms. Lynn, I'm the publisher of Potomac Local News, and I'm hoping to speak with you about the discovery of graves at the 12th high school site in Prince William County. Would you be able to give me a call at your earliest convenience? 703-951-7564