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Will: John Hedges (1804)

Prince William County Will Book I, pg. 24
2 April 1804; proved 7 May 1804

In the name of God amen I JOHN HEDGES of Chappawamsic and the county of Prince William do make and ordain this my last will and testament.

Imprimis; I will and direct all my just debt be paid for the payment of the same I subject all my estate.

Item. I will and bequeath that my executors hereafter named shall sell on such credit as to them shall seem most adviseable all my estate both real and personal and that for my real estate they shall make to the purchaser or purchasers deeds in fee simple.

Item. I will and desire that my said executors after paying my debts shall divide the proceeds of the sale of my real and personal estate into six equal parts of which one part or sixth of my real and personal estate after paying my debts funeral charges and expenses of administration, I bequeath in trust to my executor aforesaid their executors & administrators to receive the interest and profits of the same and to pay annually the interest and profits thereof to my son ROBERT during his life and at his death to divide the said sixth among his children living at his death or the child or children of any one of his children who may die in his life time having one or more children.

Item. One other sixth or share of my estate after my debts funeral expenses & charges of administration are paid. I bequeath unto my daughter Mrs. AMEY BOTTS accounting for the negroes now in her possession all of which she has held on loan.

Item. One other sixth or share after the same deduction or debts & charges are paid I bequeath unto my son ISHAM HEDGES.

Item. One other sixth after deducting the same charges & debts I bequeath my executors afsd. In trust to receive the interest and profits thereof annually and to pay the same over to my son SOLOMON annually during his life and at his death to divide the said share or sixth among his children.

Item. I bequeath one other sixth of my estate after a like deduction for debts, charges & expenses to my daughter POLLY HEDGES to her and her heirs.

Item.  And I bequeath the other sixth of my estate after a like deduction for debts charges and expenses to my son FREDERICK to him and his heirs.

Item. To my son JOHN I bequeath my best wishes thinking I have already given him his share.

And lastly I appoint my son ISHAM HEDGES and my son in law SETH BOTTS my Executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking and annulling all former wills and testaments.  Given from under my hand and seal this 2 April in the year of our Lord 1804.


Signed sealed & published in presence of us who attested this will at the same time by the request of the testator


April 2, 1804.  My desier is that this shall make part of my last will to wit my desier is that a sertain man slave which I now possess named HENSON shall receive annually from the person who by any means may hereafter possess him the just sum of five pound current money to be paid to him the sd. HENSON on or before the twentyeth day of September in every year.  Also my desier is that a woman slave named JANE shall receive from the person who may hereafter poses her by any means the just sum of fifteen dollars to be paid to her annuly on the twentyeth day of September.

Also my desier is that a female slave named AGGY now about ten years old shall belong to and be posesed by my son ROBERT HEDGES and his heirs till she shall arrive to the years of twenty five & if the said ROBERT HEDGES or any of his heirs should think proper to detain her the said AGGY any longer in slavery then the time as above mentioned my desier is that she the said AGGY shall receive from such detainer the just sum of ten dollars for every year served after & my desier that if she the said AGGY shall have any children during her servitude that they serve in the same manner til they arrive to the age of twenty five years, and after that time if detained in servitude as before mentioned to receive each the same sum of ten dollars annuly at the same time in the same manner as before mentioned.




At a Court held for Prince William County May the 7th 1804.

This last will and testament and codicil of JOHN HEDGES deceased was presented to the court by SETH BOTTS and ISHAM HEDGES the Executors therein named who made oath thereto according to law and the said will being proved by the oaths of JOHN BRONAUGH and MATHEW HARRISON was ordered to be recorded and the codicil to sd. Will being proved by WM. GRANT was also ordered to be recorded and the said executors having performed what is usual in such cases certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.  This writing purporting to be the last will & testament of SARAH DAVIS decd. was presented to the Court and being proved by the oath of DENNIS ENSEY was ordered to be recorded.




  1. Thank you so much for posting this! John Hedges Sr. is my 5G grandfather. I had a copy of this will but it was very difficult to read the handwriting.

    Rhonda Atkinson

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      You're very welcome. I'm delighted I could be of help.