Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Notice to Bridge Builders

Washington Daily Intelligencer (Washington, DC)
September 3, 1828


The County Court of Prince William having determined that it is expedient to erect a Wooden Bridge across Cedar Run, near Brentsville, at the place where a Stone Bridge has been lately attempted, have authorized the undersgined to advertise for sealed proposals for the same, until the first day of September next.

The length of the Bridge will be eighty-two between the abutments, and its height above low water mark twenty-five feet.  The abutments now standing are to be taken down, and the work to be entirely new; for which, the materials collected for the stone bridge are supposed to be suitable and abundant.

Proposals will be received for building both an open and a covered Bridge, when the Court will select that which is preferred. Communications on the subject of this notice will be addressed to John Williams, Brentsville, Prince William County, Va. or to Bernard Hooe, Alexandria, until the 1st of next month.

John Williams
Bernard Hooe

Aug 14 - 181

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