Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Current Affairs: Upate: Graveyard Discovered at School Construction Site

In a September 3, 2013 article in the Manassas Patch, the pre-civil war cemetery discovered on a school construction site is "located just off Hoadly Road" in the Independent Hill section of PWCo.

"...The graves were found about 1,900 feet south of the intersection of Hoadly Road and Independence Drive near Dale City in the Manassas-area of the county, said Phil Kavits, director of communications for Prince William County Public Schools.  Though the site had been surveyed back in 2008, evidence of the grave site was only recently discovered, as it was obscured by vegetation, Kavits said.  

The graves aren't located where the school building will stand, but where the school's stadium will be built, several media outlets reported this week. 

"The school division will work with the Virginia Department of Historical Resources to assure the appropriate archaeological evaluation of the site and the respectful relocation of any discovered remains and or relics," he added...."

[I sincerely hope that Mr. Kavits, the County, and the VA Dept of Historical Resources will make an effort to determine the family associated with the graveyard.  But I can't help wondering -- wouldn't it be easier, less expensive, and more respectful to simply leave the cemetery where it is and adjust the football field plans to accommodate it?  It's been done before -- more than once in PWCO -- and can be done again. ~cgl]

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