Monday, August 19, 2013

Will: James Arnold (1870)

James Arnold Will
Will Book S, pg. 61

State of Virginia
Prince William County

This being my last will and testament and I being now in sound mind first it is my will that all my property personal and real shall be sold and my debts paid, and after paying my debts the balance that is left after paying my debts is to be divided equally among my children, and I appoint John Keys administrator of my estate. March 10th, 1870

James {X his mark} Arnold {seal}

A.F. David (?)
Montraville Cornwall

In Prince William County Court August 5th 1872

The last will and testament of Jas. Arnold was this day presented to the court & being proved by the oath of A.F. David and Montraville Cornwall subscribing witnesses thereto it is ordered to be recorded, and a motion of John Keys who made oath thereto together with Henry Keys and William Payne his securities who justified as to their sufficiency entered into and acknowledged a bond with a penalty of $200.00 conditioned as the law directs. Certificate is granted to the said John Keys for obtaining letters testamentary upon the estate of the said James Arnold with his will aforesaid annexed in due form.

Teste, L. A. Davis clerk

Will of James Arnold
PWCo Will Book S, page 61

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