Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thriller Thursday: Victim a One-Armed Man

Harrisonburg Daily News (Harrisonburg, VA)
April 27, 1910

KILLED WITH ONE-INCH BLADE - Victim a One-Armed Man and Assailant Says Self-Defense

Manassas, Va., April 25. - Acting, as he claims, in self defense, Harry Thorpe, 30 years old, stabbed David Carter, 35 years old, to death with a penknife of which the blade used is but an inch in length.

The trouble occurred at a tenant house on the farm of T. N. Depauw near Haymarket.  Carter had but one hand, having a large hook suspended from the elbow, and Thorpe says the former attacked him, trying to strike him with the heavy hook.  Thorpe fled, was pursued and pressed, and drew the knife, stabbing his assailant just above the thigh severing a large artery, which caused the death of the man in a few moments, before medical aid could arrive.

Thorpe is in jail awaiting a hearing.

Harrisonburg Daily News
April 27, 1910

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