Friday, August 16, 2013

Friend of Friends Friday: Statement of Sale

Exhibit B in the Chancery case of Adm. Of Hezekiah Fairfax etc. v. Margaret Fairfax, Widow (1858) (LVA Index No. 1858-001) is an “Statement of the sale of slave John" (also referenced in the Deed from Hezekiah Fairfax to William Fairfax).

~ ~ ~


Statement of the sale of slave John, mentioned in the deed from Hezekiah Fairfax decd. To Wm. Fairfax, who ran away from the latter on 1 September 1838, and was sold on the 12th of the same month – with the expenses and charges attending his pursuit and taking up – per statement on oath of Samuel Tansill taken at instance of Fra. C. Davis the Plaintiff in this suit.


Doll Ct
Doll Ct
Sept. 12
Amt. for which John was sold by Saml. Tansill as agent for Wm. Fairfax on this day per his statement


Paid by same for taking John up per do [ditto]

Other expenses attending the taking John up per do

Balance after deducting charges and expenses of pursuing and taking up John as above stated


Balance of purchase money of John after deducting above


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