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Sunday's Obituary: Col. Duval Payne

Spectator (New York, NY) – August 3, 1830

On the 21st ult. At his residence in Mason county, Ky. Col. Duval Payne, in the 67th year of his age. His father was Mr. William Payne, a very respectable, high minded, and honorable gentleman, of Fairfax Co., Va.; the same who (as related by Ramsey, in his life of Washington) once, on a sudden quarrel in the Court House yard, in Alexandria, struck General (then Colonel) Washington to the ground. The subject of this memoir was a patriot from his youth: At 17 years of age he shouldered his musket in defence of his country, and served a tour of duty as a volunteer soldier; yet he never claimed to be considered a 'Hero' of the Revolution, notwithstanding he might have done so, with more justice than some who have, and who have had it awarded them by the parasites. Shortly after the close of the revolutionary war, in [17]'85, he married a daughter of Maj. Hugh Brent, of Prince William county, Virginia; and in '89, having removed with his family to the wilds of Kentucky, he settled on a farm in the neighborhood of Lexington. In '91 General Charles Scott, being authorized by the Government, marched with an army of Kentucky volunteers, for the purpose of chastising the Indians on the Wabash. Col. Payne was one of those gallant spirits who, attached to McKoy's troop of cavalry, under Col. Harden, rendered such important service on the 1st of June, at Ouiattonou. During the late war, though in his 50th year, he again buckled on his sword, accepted the command of a battalion in the regiment of mounted men, commanded by Col. Richard M. Johnson, and in person led the column which charged the British lines at the Moravian towns, in Upper Canada, on the memorable 5th of October, 1813. This charge was conceived by the genius of Harrison, and executed with promptness and impetuosity which British discipline itself could not resist. In 1804 he was chosen one of the Electors who made choice of Mr. Jefferson as President of the United States, for the second term. In this capacity has he served at every election of President since that time, except the last. When Gen. Jackson was chosen, Col. Payne was on the Adams ticket.

[Col. Duval Payne and his wife, Hanna (Brent) Payne are buried in the family cemetery in Augusta, Bracken County, Kentucky.]

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