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Sunday's Obituary: Judge Charles Edgar Nicol

Richmond Times Dispatch – October 10, 1924


Judge Charles Edgar Nicol, 70, Passes Away In Hospital.

[Special to the Times-Dispatch] Alexandria, VA, Oct. 21. – Former Judge Charles Edgar Nicol, 70 years old, one of the oldest members of the bar association and president of the Alexandria National Bank, died this afternoon at the Alexandria Hospital. His wife, who was Mrs. Florence Nash, of Warrenton; a son, Aylett B. Nicol, and four daughters, Mrs. Benjamin Iden, Washington; Misses Julia, Louise, this city, and Fannie, of Brooklyn, N.Y., survive.

He was born in Brentsville, Prince William County, Va., and was graduated from Richmond College in 1874 and from the University of Virginia in 1875, after which he was admitted to the bar. He had been identified with important litigation in the District of Columbia, State and Federal courts and also in Europe.

For six years he was a member of the Virginia House of Representatives, judge of the Circuit Court 1895 to 1907, when he resigned to run for Congress, trustee of Richmond College and Eastern College, deacon in the First Baptist Church, member of Masons and ex-president of the Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

[Judge Charles E. Nicol is buried in the Brentsville Public Cemetery, Brentsville, PWCo, VA.]

~ ~ ~

Alexandria Gazette – July 19, 1873

At the commencement of Richmond college Charles E. Nicol, son of Judge A. Nicol, was presented with a gold medal for being the best writer in the Mu Sigma Rho Society of which he was a member, and had honors confered upon him as follows: Greek – intermediate and final. Mathematics – final, and graduated in French. This was his first session at college.

~ ~ ~

Richmond Times-Dispatch – May 5, 1904

Judge Nicol Named. Governor Montague yesterday named Judge Charles E. Nicol of Prince William county to hold a part of the May term of the Culpeper Circuit Court for Judge D. A. Grimsley.

~ ~ ~

Richmond Times-Dispatch – June 17, 1905

The Mayor Can Carry Pistol in Town. – Judge Charles E. Nicol of the Circuit Court of Loudoun decided in the case against S. C. Chancellor, Mayor, who was fined $75 by a justice of the peace for carrying concealed weapons, that the Mayor of any town had the right to carry weapons at any time, concealed or not, within the corporation limits and one mile beyond.

~ ~ ~

Richmond Times-Dispatch – February 17, 1907

Judge Charles Nicol, who is aspiring to the seat in Congress made vacant by the recent death of Mr. Rixey, has begun a very active campaign, and Judge Nicol's many friends here are confidently looking forward to his election.

~ ~ ~

Richmond Times-Dispatch – September 7, 1919

Judge C. E. Nicol of Alexandria and Manassas has established a scholarship in perpetuity at Richmond College in memory of his son, Charles Edgar Nicol, Jr., who died a year ago. The scholarship will be open to young men from the public schools of Prince William County, where young Nicol was born.

~ ~ ~

Richmond Times-Dispatch – November 6, 1912

Judge and Mrs. Charles Edgar Nicol have sent out invitations for the marriage of their daughter, Pauline, to Dr. Benjamin Franklin Ide, Jr., Wednesday evening November 20, at 8 o'clock in Christ Church, Alexandria. A reception will follow the ceremony, from 8:30 until 11 o'clock at 316 North Washington Street, Alexandria.

~ ~ ~

Richmond Times-Dispatch – October 29, 1924

JUDGE NICOL LEAVES ESTATE OF $150,000. Judge Samuel G. Brent Succeeds to Presidency of Alexandria Bank. – Judge Samuel G. Brent, of the courts of the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit, has been elected president of the Alexandria National Bank to fill the unexpired term of the late Judge Charles E. Nicol, Judge. Brent was vice-president of the bank.

An estate valued at $150,000 was left by the late Judge Charles E. Nicol, who died without a will. A son and widow qualified as executor and executrix.

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