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Sunday's Obituary - Doctor Cyrus C. Marsteller

Alexandria Gazette - February 24, 1871

Departed this life, on the 8th instant, at his residence, near Gainesville, Doctor Cyrus C. Marsteller, in the 73d year of his age.  He was a native of Alexandria and reared therein.  He studied medicine with Doctor Elisha Dick, and graduated in the Maryland Medical University in the spring of 1818.  He soon left the pleasures of his happy home and early associates and located in the town of Buckland, in Prince William county, Va.  From there in a few months he removed to Haymarket and won the favor and approbation of his fellow-citizens by a scrupulous attention to all cases committed to his care.  He had a good knowledge of diseases prevalent in this section of the country, and was a close student up to the time of his death.

He practiced his profession upwards of half a century, and with great success.  Blessed with a good constitution, no weather, however inclement, prevented his immediate and constant attention to his patients, until at last he could scarcely put one foot before the other, nor did he cease to go when called on to within a few weeks of his demise.  Thus has fallen in our midst the man, who of all others, unprejudiced opinion, will say could be least spared.  He was a true and constant friend.  He had not united with any denomination of Christians, but the word of God was his companion during his leisure hours in his office.  He read it to know the will of the Great I am, and to find himself to be a sinner.

When spoken to on the subject of death, he said the subject had engaged his attention for a long time.  He was willing to cast aside self altogether, and embrace the Gospel plan of salvation, through faith in the righteousness of Christ Jesus and his ability to save to the uttermost all who come to God through Him.

He has left a wife and five children to mourn the loss of a kind and affectionate husband and father.  May God, in his mercy, be with the bereaved household, and bless to their souls this visitation of his providence, and teach them that not a sparrow falls without His knowledge.

Prince William County, Va., Feb. 21.

~ ~ ~

Alexandria Gazette - October 27, 1855

Valuable Land in Prince William for Rent.  The subscriber offers for rent his land near Haymarket, known as "Pageland" and "The Poplar Field" Tracts, comprising 1300 acres of the most valuable land in the county for farming and grazing, divided into 12 fields, including 150 acres of meadow.  The fields not in cultivation, are set in grass.  There are good buildings of every description, and a Country Mill on the farm.  The situation is one of the most healthy, and near the Gainesville Station of the Manassas Gap Railroad.  Early application is requested.  The privilege of fallowing immediately.

Cyrus C. Marsteller
Haymarket, je 16-eo3t&wtf

~ ~ ~

Alexandria Gazette - May 13, 1850

At a Rules held in the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery of Alexandria County, on the 1st day of April, 1850; Cyrus C. Marsteller vs. Charlotte M. Mitchell, late Charlotte M. Marsteller, Elizabeth A. Marsteller, Philip F. Marsteller, Richard H. Marsteller, Louisa W. Marsteller, and Leslie K. Marsteller, the two last named infant heirs of Ferdinand P. Marsteller, and Samuel A. Marsteller:  The defendants Richard H. Marsteller, Louisa W. Marsteller and Leslie K. Marsteller, infants as aforesaid, not having entered their appearance and given security according to the act of Assembly and the rules of this Court, and it appearing by satisfactory evidence that they are not inhabitants of this Commonwealth, It is ordered, that the said defendants appear here at the rules to be  held in the Clerk's office of said court for the month of June next, and answer the bill of the plaintiff, and that a copy of this order be forthwith inserted in some newspaper published in the town of Alexandria, for two months successively, and posted at the front door of the Court house of this County.

C.F.Lee, C. C.
Neale, P.Q. ap 2--2m

~ ~ ~

Alexandria Gazette - June 26, 1841

NOTICE.  The Partnerships heretofore existing under the firm of R. H. Marsteller & Co. and C. C. and R. H. Marsteller are hereby dissolved.

Cyrus C. Marsteller
Haymarket, Prince Wm., Va., June 4--eo10t

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