Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday's Obituary: Thomas Mason

Baltimore Sun - May 17, 1906

THOMAS MASON.  The body of Mr. Thomas Mason, of Charles county, Maryland, was buried yesterday in Greenmount Cemetery, in this city.  Mr. Mason was the last in the male line of descendants of Thomas Mason, of Woodbridge, Prince William county, Va., who was the fifth son of George Mason, of Gunston.  He was born in March 1828, on the estate of his great-grandfather in Charles county, Maryland, where he lived until the close of the war between the States.  Mr. Mason was an ardent Confederate, although he took no active part in the war, feeling it his duty to remain at home with his widowed mother.  Upon receiving the news of the result of the war his health broke down completely and his mother was compelled to send him to a sanitarium near this city, where he remained until his death Tuesday.  Mr. Stevens Thomas Mason, of this city, was his trustee.


The Project Gutenberg EBook of Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States, by Work Projects Administration.

JAMES V. DEANE, Ex-slave.
Reference: Personal interview with James V. Deane, ex-slave,
     on Sept. 20, 1937, at his home

..."My master's name was Thomas Mason, he was a man of weak mental disposition, his mother managed the affairs. He was kind. Mrs. Mason had a good disposition, she never permitted the slaves to be punished. The main house was very large with porches on three sides. No children, no overseer."

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