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Newspaper Tidbit: Trustees' Sale

Alexandria Gazette - 05 February 1827

TRUSTEES' SALE.  By virtue of two deeds of trust, executed by Isaac Henry and Judith his wife, to the subscribers, bearing date the 14th day of October, 1822, and duly recorded in the Clerk's office of the county of Prince William, and for the purposes in the said deeds mentioned, we shall offer at public auction, for cash, at Brentsville, in the county of Prince William, on Monday the 12th of February next, the Tract of land on which the said Henry at present resides, lying in the county of Prince William, containing Three Hundred and Thirty Acres, more or less -- it being the tract of land which the said Henry purchased of Robert H. Hooe and Robert Hamilton, executors of Elizabeth Carter, dec'd.  As we shall sell the foregoing property as trustees, no other title will be conveyed than is vested in us by the deeds of trust aforesaid.

Edmund Brooke
Stuart G. Thornton

jan 11-ts

29 January 1827 - Alexandria Gazette

NOTICE.  By virtue of a deed of trust executed to us by James Foster and Silas Foster, on the 7th day of December, 1825, for the purpose of securing to John Withers & Co. and Withers & Washington, the payment of the debts therein mentioned, we shall, on Monday, the 5th day of March next, expose to sale by public auction for cash, before the front door of the Court House of Prince William county, one negro girl named Anne and her child--Also; the interest of the said James and Silas Foster, in the estate of their father, James Foster, deceased.  Such title as we have under the trust deed will be conveyed to the purchaser.

M. B. Sinclair
Peyton Norvill

jan 27-ts

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