Monday, December 3, 2012

Newspaper Tidbit: To be Sold: Brenton Tract

Virginia Gazette - 21 September 1769

To be SOLD to the highest bidder, at the town of Dumfries, in Prince William county, on Thursday the 16th day of November next,

The BRENTON Tract of Land, containing about 7000 acres, in parcels, as will be then thought best for the purposes expressed in a deed of trust from Mess. George Brent and Robert Brent to the first three subscribers, and from Mr. George Brent to the other subscribers.  The sale being now jointly advertised by all the trustees, who will join in the deeds, those inclinable to purchase may be assured of meeting with no disappointment.  Time of payment will be given for part of the money.

William Brent
Daniel Carroll
Henry Rozier

Hector Ross
John Gibson
William Carr
   Trustees for the creditors of Mr. Robert Brent

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