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Deed: Anderson to Brawner (8 August 1859)

PWCo Deed Book 25, page 87
Anderson to Brawner Deed of Trust

This deed made the 8th day of August in the year 1859 between Richard Anderson of the one part and William Brawner of the other part all of the County of Prince William in the State of Virginia.  Witnesseth that the said Richard Anderson for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar in hand paid him by the said William G. Brawner the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, doth grant and convey to the said William G. Brawner his heirs assigns etc a certain tract of land lying and being in the County of Prince William containing 127 acres more or less and known as lot no. 1 in the division of land of Ann Anderson of record in the clerks of the County Court of Prince William County, also the crop of rye and corn now on the said land.  In trust to secure to Edwin Gaines the payment of my note for one hundred and fifty dollars bearing even date herewith and payable on demand, and at any time when the said Edwin Gaines shall so direct the said William G. Brawner shall proceed to sell the said land and crop of rye and corn to the highest bidder at public auction for cash, and after having paid the expenses attending such sale, shall pay over to the said Edwin Gaines the amount of the said note with legal interest thereon, and shall then pay over to the said Richard Anderson all the residue of the proceeds of the said sale, witness the following signatures and seals

Richard Anderson

State of Virginia
Prince William Co to wit:

I William W. Thornton a justice of the peace for the county aforesaid in the State of Virginia do certify that Richard Anderson, whose name is signed to the above writing bearing date the 8th day of August 1859, has acknowledged the same before me in my County aforesaid, given under my hand this 8th day of August 1859.

Wm. W. Thornton, J.P.

In Prince William County Court September 5th 1859, this deed trust from Anderson to Brawner with Certificate annexed, was presented to the Court and ordered to be recorded.

Teste, P. D. Lipscomb

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