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Will: John W. Davis

Will of John W. Davis
Prince William County Will Book U, page 303
Transcribed from Library of Virginia Chancery Case 153-1895-0023

This being my last will and testament, and I now being in sound mind, first I will that one hundred acres of my land off the west end of the farm including the John Layton house to be sold to pay my debts.  Second, I will to my wife Analentin F. Davis all the balance of the farm where I now reside.  I also will to my wife all of my household and kitchen furniture, also all my cattle, sheep, and hogs, and a one horse wagon, and all my personal property.

I will that my wife shall hold all the property as long as she remains my widow and at her death, then it is to be equally divided between my daughter Emma Thorp and my Grandson William Taylor.  And I appoint Elisha Meredith Executor of my estate, with the power for him to sell the land above mentioned. 

John W. Davis
April 6, 1887

W. F. Dunn
Wm. Reid

In County Court, Prince William County Sept 1st 1890.

The last will and testament of John W. Davis decd. Was produced to the court for probate and the signature that’s partially proven and was ordered to be certified. 

And at a County Court held for Prince William County on 6th day of October 1890.  The true last will and testament of Jno. W. Davis decd. Was again this day presented to the Court for probate and the signature thereto fully proven by the subscribing witnesses thereto and was ordered to be recorded.

Teste, E. Nelson

[NOTE:  John W. Davis, a widower, married Analentin F. Norman on February 3, 1875.  John's daughter from a previous, Emma E. Davis, married Samuel H. Thorpe of Fauquier County on April 6, 1875.  ~cgl]

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