Thursday, June 28, 2012

Newspaper Tidbit: Spinks

Alexandria Gazette
December 4, 1909

IRATE BROTHER ARRESTED.   Charles H. Spinks, a farmer, who lives at Haymarket, last night called at the First precinct station in Washington to see the man who eloped with his fourteen-year-old sister, Nellie Spinks.  The irate brother was armed with a revolver, and the police took the weapon from him and locked him up.  Miss Spinks and Walter Robinson, nineteen years old, left Haymarket on Thursday night last for Washington, intending to be married in that city.  Detectives met the couple at Union station, sent the girl to the House of Detention, and placed Robinson in a cell at the First precinct station, awaiting word from the girl's parents in Haymarket.

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