Friday, June 1, 2012

Buckland Obituaries

Alexandria Gazette - 27 April 1813
   DIED, at Buckland (Prince William Virginia) the seat of John Love, Esq. in the 16th year of his age Mr. Samuel L. Watson, son of Mr. James Watson of Washington City.
   The death of this young gentleman was by an unfortunate accident; and the suddenness of his fate adds fresh poignancy to the feelings which are excited in his friends by the recollection of his amiable heart and generous spirit, and of the talents whose early expansion was the joy and pride of his family.

Alexandria Gazette - 27 July 1836
   DIED. On Sunday afternoon the 24th inst. at the residence of Mr. Hugh Smith, Eliza G., daughter of Thomas Smith, of Buckland, Va.  She died at the age of 14 yeras, 7 months.  Her illness was short but severe, and the ters of her associates and school-mates around her grave showed their warm attachment to her.

Alexandria Gazette - 8 February 1843
   DIED. At Buckland, Prince William county, Virignia on Monday, 6th instnat, Mrs. Hannah Dean, for many years a resident of this plance, in the 76th year of her age.  Her friends and acquaintances are invited to attend her funeral from the upper end of Duke street, this afternoon, at half past three o'clock.

Alexandria Gazette - 7 May 1866
   DIED At the residence of his son, in Buckland, Prince Wm. co. Va., on the 3rd inst., John Pattie in the 83rd year of his age.  

Alexandria Gazette - 3 February 1873
   DIED. At Buckland, Prince William county, on the 27th of January, Oscar M. Pattie, in the 46th year of his age.  He was a member of the Methodist Church, and died in the full hope of a glorious resurrection.  Honest, industrious and unobtrusive, he leaves behind him a good name.  He leaves a wife and four children to mourn his death.

Alexandria Gazette - 21 June 1875
   DIED At his residence, near Buckland, in Prince William county, Va., Edmund Basye, aged 66 years.

Alexandria Gazette - 26 December 1876
   DIED. At Buckland, Prince William county, on December 22d, Delilah, wife of John S. Trone, aged 80 years and 3 months.  She had been a wife for more than 53 years.

Baltimore American - 31 October 1904
   HAYDON.  Mrs. John Trais Haydon of Buckland, Prince William county, Va., passed away on Friday morning, October 28.

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