Thursday, August 25, 2011

Deed: Copin to Copin (Copen)

1 Jan 1832
Prince William Co., VA Deed Book 12, pg. 452

To all whom it may concern know ye that I GEORGE COPIN of the county of Prince William & State of Virginia for diverse good causes & considerations but now especially for the regard to my natural sons CHAPMAN COPIN & JOHN J. COPIN & for the further consideration of one dollar, paid by the said Chapman & John J. Copin which receipt is hereby acknowledged Hath given granted & conveyed & by these presents do give, grant & convey to the said Chapman Copin & John J. Copin in equal proportion all my right, title, interest & claim to one undivided fourth part of a military land warrant granted to the representatives of John Copin for two hundred acres.  And now appropriated in a survey no. 5190 in the state of Ohio about 14 miles east of Collumbia the District seat of the State government and about 4 miles above John Atkiers which land with all its appurtenances I now convey to the sd. Chapman & John J. Copin & their heirs forever.  Also all my right title & claim to all that land promised by the act of Congress to my brothers JOHN COPIN & SAMUEL COPIN who enlisted as soldiers in the war of the Revolution.  Also all my right & interest in the lott of land, on which I reside in the county, which is only a life estate & which at my decease would revert to Chapman Copin.  In witness of the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 1st day of January 1832.

GEO. COPIN {seal}

At a Court held for Prince William County April 2nd 1832.  This indenture from George Copin to Chapman Copin and John J. Copin was acknowledged by the said George Copin to be his act and deed and ordered to be recorded.

Teste,  P. D. DAWE

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