Thursday, August 25, 2011

Deed: Copin to Copin (Copen)

1 Jan 1832
Prince William Co., VA Deed Book 12, pg. 452

To all whom it may concern know ye that I GEORGE COPIN of the county of Prince William & State of Virginia for diverse good causes & considerations but now especially for the regard to my natural sons CHAPMAN COPIN & JOHN J. COPIN & for the further consideration of one dollar, paid by the said Chapman & John J. Copin which receipt is hereby acknowledged Hath given granted & conveyed & by these presents do give, grant & convey to the said Chapman Copin & John J. Copin in equal proportion all my right, title, interest & claim to one undivided fourth part of a military land warrant granted to the representatives of John Copin for two hundred acres.  And now appropriated in a survey no. 5190 in the state of Ohio about 14 miles east of Collumbia the District seat of the State government and about 4 miles above John Atkiers which land with all its appurtenances I now convey to the sd. Chapman & John J. Copin & their heirs forever.  Also all my right title & claim to all that land promised by the act of Congress to my brothers JOHN COPIN & SAMUEL COPIN who enlisted as soldiers in the war of the Revolution.  Also all my right & interest in the lott of land, on which I reside in the county, which is only a life estate & which at my decease would revert to Chapman Copin.  In witness of the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 1st day of January 1832.

GEO. COPIN {seal}

At a Court held for Prince William County April 2nd 1832.  This indenture from George Copin to Chapman Copin and John J. Copin was acknowledged by the said George Copin to be his act and deed and ordered to be recorded.

Teste,  P. D. DAWE

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Rufus B. and Henrietta W. Merchant

 In loving remembrance of
our devoted
Born April 2, 1838
Died Oct. 6, 1905
A brave confederate soldier

Born Nov. 27, 1848
Died Nov. 27, 1914

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.

Oct. 7, 1905 Alexandria Gazette

Rufus Bainbridge Merchant was born in Prince William County, VA.  A printer by trade, he apprenticed in Philadelphia and New York.  He was living in Georgia at the time of the Civil War and served in Cobbs Legion and as a scout under Hampton.   He married Henrietta Mills of Fredericksburg, VA.

"He leaves besides his wife the following children: Mrs. Edgar W. Stearns, Mrs. Henry Garrett, Mrs. Brawner Cates, Misses Bertha and Maggie Merchant and Messrs. W. H. and Rufus Merchant." --The Free Lance, October 10, 1905

Friday, August 19, 2011

Will: Thomas Page

Prince William County Will Book  M, pg 31
13 Jun 1822; proved 07 Jul 1823

In the name of God Amen I being in sound mind and memory do make this my last will and testament.  Inprimis.  I leave to my dear wife & children all the property I now possess as also what is expected from our Richmond claim except as to BACCHUS and MARY who I leave free with an annuity of twenty pounds a year which annuity I solicit my Executors hereafter named to see carried into full effect my friends Robert Page and Michael Cleary of Occoquan will I hop see that my intention is to have its full force resting my hopes in a merciful redeemor I commit my soul to him who we all believe to have been the Saviour of the word.  Given under my hand this 13th day of June 1822.


As a codicil to my will I further direct you should give them two cows & calves and assist them as long as they live for the services rendered me.


At a Court held for Prince William County July 7th 1823.

This last will and testament & codicil thereunder written of THOMAS T. PAGE decd. was presented to the court and it appearing that the same is all in the hand writing of the testator it is ordered to be recorded and Michael Cleary one of the Exors. Therein named came into court and renounced the burden of the Execution thereof, and it further appearing to the satisfaction of the court that Robert Page the other Exor named in the said will declines acting as such, thereupon administration with the said will annexed of Thomas T. Page decd. is granted to Samuel Williams who came into court and made oath to the same according to law, and took the oath of administrator with the will annexed, and entered into and acknowledged a bond with secy. As the law directs.

Teste, P. D. DAWE

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Samuel R. Lowe and Ida (Lynn) Lowe

April 11, 1870
December 6, 1933

his wife
May 11, 1872
Feb 12, 1929

Samuel R. Lowe, Jr. was the son of Samuel R. Lowe and Lucinda Woodyard.  Ida M. Lynn was the daughter of Leland A. Lynn and Catherine A. Selecman.  They were married on August 16, 1893 in Prince William County and are buried together at Woodbine Church.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Newspaper Tidbits

Alexandria Herald – 21 August 1815

I will rent, for the ensuing year, the FARM adjacent to the town of Dumfries, the late residence of John Macrae, deceased, generally known by the name of ORANGEFIELD.  The farm comprises 200 acres, a large proportion of which is arable land.  The improvements on it are an excellent dwelling house, dairy, stable, & c. with a good orchard.  The tenant will have the privilege of sowing wheat the next Autumn.

Dumfries, Aug. 18.

Frederick Herald - 15 September 1832

100 REWARD.  Ranaway from the subscriber, living near Haymarket, Va., on Saturday night 1st of September, a Negro man named DICK, purchased a few days since of Mr. R. Foster, of Prince William county. 

Dick is about 21 years old, about 5 feet 9 inches high, tolerably heavy built, and well proportioned – of dark copper or chestnut color.  He wore away a dark round jacket, yellow jean pantaloons, and fur hat half worn.  He has just been brought from Pennsylvania, and no doubt attempting to go back.

I will give the above reward if taken in the state of Pennsylvania, fifty dollars if taken in Maryland, and twenty five if taken in Virginia, and secured in any jail until I get him again.

September 15.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Will: Richard Tomlin

Prince William County Will Book K, pg. 285
30 Dec 1813; proved 04 Apr 1814

I RICHARD TOMLIN of the Town of Dumfries, County of Prince William and State of Virginia being of sound mind & memory and in perfect health do make and ordain this as my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills made by me.  Imprimis I desire that all my just debts be paid.  Item I give and devise to MARGARET TOMLIN my wife one third part of my estate both real and personal during her life.  Item I desire that all the rest of my estate both real and personal and of every kind and description be equally divided amongst my children MARY LOCKER, THOMAS TOMLIN, WILLIAM TOMLIN, RICHARD TOMLIN and MARGARET TOMLIN to them and their heirs forever.  Item it is my will and desire that after my wife’s death, the part of my estate above devised to her be equally divided amongst my children aforementioned Viz. MARY LOCKER, THOMAS TOMLIN, WILLIAM TOMLIN, RICHARD TOMLIN and MARGARET TOMLIN to them and their heirs forever.  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 30th day of December 1813.


Signed sealed published and declared as & for the last will & testament o the testator in the presence of him.

At a Court held for Prince William County April 4th 1814.

This last will and testament of RICHARD TOMLIN decd. was presented to the Court and being proved by the oaths of PHILIP D. DAWE and JOHN MERCHANT is ordered to be recorded. 

At a Court Cont’d held for sd. County May 3rd 1814.

Administration of the Estate with the will annexed of RICHD. TOMLIN decd. is granted to JOHN MERCHANT he having taken the oath of an Admor. and entered into and acknowledged a bond with security according to law.

Teste,  PHIL. D. DAWE