Saturday, July 30, 2011

Newspaper Tidbit: Conservative Meeting

Alexandria Gazette

CONSERVATIVE MEETING.—At a meeting held in Brentsville, Prince William county, Va., on Monday, January 6, 1868, C. W. C. Dunnington, Esq., was called to the Chair, and Dr. Carter Berkeley appointed Secretary.

The Chairman explained the object of the meeting to be to organize the Conservative party of the county, in accordance with the recommendation of the State Executive Committee.

On motion of Col. Nicol, the Chair appointed Messrs. Allen Howison, Lawrence Cole, Crawford Cushing, and John Hammill a committee to report suitable persons as committees of the four magisterial districts.

After consultation, the committee reported the following names, to wit:

Dist. No. 1 – Edwin Nelson and Dr. M. B. Weedon.
Dist. No. 2 – Dr. M. Ish and Colonel Basil Brawner.
Dist. No. 3 – F. A. Weedon and William Bryan.
Dist. No. 4 – Capt. J. E. Herrell, and Col. Edmund Berkeley.

On motion, it was, Resolved, That the committee have power to fill any vacancies which may occur in their body.  The proceedings were ordered to be published in the Alexandria Gazette and Richmond Enquirer.  The meeting then adjourned.

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