Monday, May 2, 2011

Brentsville Civil War Weekend

Saturday was a beautiful Spring day to spend at Brentsville Courthouse Historic Center.  The weather cooperated with sun and warm winds, making it a comfortable day for both spectators and reenactors/performers.  Brentsville was the first stage in the official opening ceremonies for the new exhibit at the Manassas Museum, They Rode from Brentsville: Co. A, 4th VA Cavalry.

The Brentsville Courthouse, School, and Jail were open to the public, with ordinance demonstrations (artillery), period musicians, a Civil War encampment, and a reenactment of the Prince William County's debate whether to join Richmond in seceding from the Union.  Possibly the highlight of the day was the appearance of Co. H, 4th VA Cavalry (The Black Horse Troop), who treated the crowd to a number of maneuvers as well as making themselves (and their mounts) available for questions.  The Black Horse Troop later rode from Brentsville to the Manassas Museum to portray Co. A in the exhibit opening.

Most of the men in Co. A were from Brentsville and Independent Hill in the middle of Prince William County.

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  1. Very nice -- thanks for posting these as I was at work all day Saturday. Glad the weather cooperated. Tish