Friday, April 15, 2011

Newspaper Tidbit

Richmond Dispatch
June 23, 1891

SAD ACCIDENT AT ALEXANDRIA. A Runaway Results in the Mortal Injury of Colonel Basil Brawner.

ALEXANDRIA, Va, June 22. - A runaway near the Fayette and King-street crossing this morning led to the mortal injury of Colonel Basil Brawner and the serious bruising of Mr. W. C. Richards.  Mr. Richards was driving his wagon on King street about 9 o'clock this morning when a passing train on the Washington Southern railway frightened his horse, which ran upon the sidewalk between Fayette and Payne street and struck the venerable Mr. Brawner, who was tottering along the sidewalk.  Mr. Brawner's head was driven against the wall and his skull fractured.

Mr. Richards was struck by a stove which was in the wagon and seriously but not fatally hurt.

Colonel Basil Brawner was about ninety years of age.  He had in other days been a prominent man in Virginia, having represented Prince William county in the Legislature and filled many other public stations.  Since the war he has resided here, and his venerable figure, bent with age, has been a familiar sight on the principal streets of this city.

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