Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Website: PWCo Virginia by Ronald Ray Turner

Anyone who's done research in Prince William County over the past 10+ years will easily recognize the name Ron Turner. It almost seems as if half of the books on the PWCo shelf in RELIC were authored by him.  Ron was transcribing, annotating, and sharing census and vital records with the public long before the Internet genealogy boom.

Ron now makes most of his publications available on his website at PWCVirginia, but there's so much more to explore!  You'll find links to his work documenting and transcribing the county cemeteries as well as businesses, structures, and miscellaneous papers and news articles. 

If you're researching a PWCo family or surname, Ron Turner's website is a great place to start.


  1. I would love to get in touch with Ron Turner - he has done a magnificent job to surveying PWC cemeteries. I am trying to find one in the county that has not been photographed and put on Find a Grave but it seems they ALL have - great work. Just thought he might know of one that needs to be surveyed or photographed. I was going to make that my next project, but others have beat me to it. Maybe I will have to go down to Spotslyvania County. Most of the Alexandria cemeteries seem to be represented well on Find a Grave as well. Frustrating to want to help and not be able to.

  2. Most of the cemeteries in PWCo have been photographed for Findagrave by members of the DAR (there are chapters in both eastern and western parts of the county) as well as other volunteers through the years. But if there's one that hasn't been documented, Ron would be the one to know where it is. His familiarity with the county, its places and its people is pretty comprehensive.

    You can contact Ron directly through his website (link in the original post above or on my blog sidebar).

    If you're looking to add cemeteries in the region, you might also try looking in Fauquier or Stafford.