Monday, March 28, 2016

Military Monday: Newspaper Tidbit: Confederate Graves

Manassas Journal
1 September 1916


Mr. Westwood Hutchison, after making a special visit with Mr. G. D. Baker, reported that on Mr. E. R. Conner's property, several miles from town, had been found six Confederate graves.  Mr. Hutchison made the report with the recommendation that the graves should be moved to the Confederate cemetery at Manassas.

Three of the graves were unmarked. The other three, as far as can now be read, are inscribed as follows:

Names of Soldiers

A. J. Smith, 16th Miss.
C. C. Archbell, Co. I, 4th N.C., age 90 yeras
--- Carter -- 1861

Mrs. Westwood Hutchison, president of the Memorial Association, will be glad to hear from anyone who may have further information concerning these Confederate dead.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday's Obituary: Rebecca Ann (Latimer) Barron

Alexandria Gazette
2 August 1854

At the residence of Mrs. Latimer, near Brentsville, Prince William County, Va., on Monday, the 31st of July, in the 56th year of her age, Mrs. Rebecca Ann Barron, wife of Henry A. Barron, of Alleghany county, Md. -- Mrs. B. has been confined to her room and bed for more than 6 months, with a cancer. Her sufferings were intense all the time, but they were borne by her with that christian resignation for which she was so eminent. She embraced religion in the year 1833, and joined the M. E. Church of which she continued a consistent member to the day of her death. Her trust in the Lord was firm, and her death peaceful and happy.  She leaves an afflicted husband, and numerous friends and relatives to mourn their loss.

[Cumb. papers please copy.]  B.

[Rebecca Ann Latimer married Henry A. Barron on 23 February 1825 in Georgetown, Washington, DC. ~cgl]

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Newspaper Tidbit: Old Homes of PWCo

Manassas Journal
13 July 1933


Participants in the program "Old Homes of Prince William" which was presented at the recent meeting of County Homemakers Association.

On the left is Mrs. Benjamin Brown, who represented Effingham; Miss Mildred Ewell told of early days in her own home, Edge Hill; little Clara Bell Carter and Miss Mary Louise Carter pictured interesting happenings at Mt. Atlas and Erindale; and Miss Maude Ewell gave an account of life and conditions during the early years of Bel Air.

[Effingham plantation was recently purchased by a private owner who announced their intention to convert the historic property into a winery.  There have been decidedly mixed reactions in the Nokesville community to the plans. ~cgl]

Friday, March 25, 2016

Deed: Pinn to Stokes (1868)

Deed - Pinn to Stokes
PWCo. Deed Book 26, pg. 609

This indenture made and entered into this seventh day of April one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight between Howson Pinn and Patty his wife of the one part and Warner Stokes of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Howson Pinn & wife to for and in consideration of the sum of forty five dollars in hand paid by the said Stokes to the said Pinn, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, have granted, bargained, sold, alined, and conveyed, and by these hereunto do grant, bargain, sell, aline, and convey unto the said Warner Stokes with general warrantee the following lot of land lying being situate in the County of Prince William and bounded as follows, to wit. Beginning at Howson Pinn’s NW corner there south four and one half degrees west thirty one rods & twelve links to a stake then south eighty five and one half degrees east, seventeen & one half rods to a stake, thence north four and one half degrees east twenty three rods to B. H. Lewis line, thence N forty seven degrees west by said Lewis line, nineteen rods to the bound begun at containing three acres. Together with all the privileges and appurtenances to the same in any wise appertaining or belonging. To have and to hold the above granted premises and appurtenances unto the said Warner Stokes, his heirs & assigns forever, as witness the following signatures and seals.

Howson (X his mark) Pinn {seal}
Patty (x her mark) Pinn {seal}

H. E. Pinn

State of Virginia County of Prince William to wit:

We W. L. B. Wheeler and Crawford Cushing Justices of the Peace for the County of Prince Wm. In the state of Virginia do certify that Howson Pinn and Patty Pinn whose names are signed to the within writing bearing date on the seventh day of April 1868 have acknowledged the same before us in our county aforesaid and we further certify that Patty Pinn the wife of Howson Pinn whose names are signed to the within writing was examined by us privately and apart from her husband and having the writing aforesaid fully explained to her she the said Patty Pinn acknowledged the said writing to be her act and declared that she had willingly executed the same and does not wish to retract it. Given under our hand this 14th May anno domini 1868.

W. L. B. Wheeler J.P.
Crawford Cushing J.P.

At a Court of Quarterly Sessions held for Prince Wm. County June __ 1868.

This Deed from Pinn & wife to Stokes with certificate annexed was presented to the Court and ordered to be recorded.

Teste. M. B. Sinclair Clerk

[Howson/Howison Pinn was a free man of color and land owner who lived near the Bethlehem Meetinghouse.  He is buried beside his wife in the Pinn Family Cemetery in Manassas. ~cgl]

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday's Obituary: William R. Chapman

Alexandria Gazette
4 October 1826

At his residence, near Brentsville, in the county of Prince William, on Friday the 29th of Sept. William R. Chapman, Esq. - By whose death society has sustained an irreparable loss. Perhaps no man ever lived in more peace and harmony with his relations, neighbors and acquaintances generally, than the deceased. - He was a kind, amiable, and affectionate husband, father and brother- a sociable and hospitable neighbor - a highminded and honorable man - polite and fascinating in his manners and deportment, he acquired the respect and esteem of all with whom he associated. He was for a number of years before his death, sheriff of Prince William county, and was always upright and correct in his duties. A wife and three children, together with a large number of relations and friends are left to mourn his loss.

Princes and lords are but the breath of kings,
An honest man's the noblest work of God.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Military Monday: Instructions for Ration Book

Evening Star (DC)
17 October 1943


Registration for War Ration Book No. 4 will be from 3 to 9 p.m. Thursday and from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday, according to Richard C. Haydon, Prince William County registration chairman. County schools will be closed all day Friday in order that the work may be completed. Teachers in the following schools designated as registration places will have charge of issuing the new books:

Osbourn High School, Manassas, R. Worth Peters, chairman; Haymarket New School, Mrs. Nelson Lynn, chairman; Nokesville High School, C. O. Bittle, chairman; Occoquan High School, Mrs. Mae T. Sanford, chairman; Woodbine School, Miss Sue Ayres, chairman; Dumfries Graded School, Mrs. Wallace Lynn, chairman; Quantico Masonic Hall (for civilians), Miss Margaret Powell, chairman. A registration place within the Quantico Military Post for military personnel will be announced later.

Mr. Haydon requests that residents make applications as early as possible to avoid last-minute congestion. One member of a family, 18 years of age or older, may register for the entire family. The registrant must present War Ration Book No. 3 for each member of the household for whom application is made.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Deed: Cross etc. to Townsend (1911)

Cross etc. to Townsend
PWCo Deed Book 53, pg. 347

The undersigned being next of kin to R. A. Townsend of Prince William County Va., who recently departed this life intestate, being credibly informed by disinterested neighbors and friends that it was his purpose to devise his estate to his wife, and that he had even gone so far as to have a will drawn to that effect, and that he had not executed the same because another measure was in contemplation which if executed might accomplish a like purpose, and at the same time free him from care and labors during the remainder of his lifetime. For these reasons and also because of the faithful and wifely ministrations of his widow through his protracted suffering as a wounded Confederate Veteran, it is our purpose in the execution of this paper to release to her the said Julia A. Townsend widow of the said R. A. Townsend dec’d. any and all interest that we may have in his belongings of every nature and kind whatsoever, to have and to hold for her sole use and benefit and to this end we jointly and severally pledge ourselves our heirs and &c. as is evidenced by the signatures and seals affixed this ____ day of ____ 1901.

A. J. Cross
Willie Cross
Charles U. Townsend
Mamie Mitchell
Harrison Sanders
Albert Sanders
Catherine F. Harrison
George H. Townsend
Carrie E. Townsend
Nelie Townsend
Ida Frances Townsend
J. S. Pearson
C. V. Pearson
Henderson Sanders
W. H. Sanders
A. S. Harrison
Nannie B. Townsend
A. P. Townsend
Frances M. Townsend
John T. Townsend
Arthur M. Sanders
Lewis H. Sanders
D. N. Sanders
May S. Marin
E. W. Cross
Laura A. Cross
Nelie Cross
J. B. Cross
Cora L. Cross

State of Virginia, County of Fairfax to wit:

I, A. W. Robinson, a Justice of the Peace for and in the County of Fairfax in the State of Virginia do certify that A. J. Cross, Wilie May Cross, J. B. Cross, Cora L. Cross and Nelie Cross whose names are signed to the foregoing writing bearing date April 1901 have acknowledged the same before me in my County aforesaid.
Given under my hand this Nov. 19, 1904.
A. W. Robinson J.P.

State of Virginia, County of Fairfax, to-wit:

I, D. B. Garett, a justice in and for the County of Fairfax do certify that Charles U. Townsend, E. W. Cross and Laura A. Cross whose names are signed to the writing above bearing date April 1901 have acknowledged the same before me in my County aforesaid.
Given under my hand this 19 day of Nov. 1904
D. B. Garett J.P.

State of Virginia, County of Fairfax, to-wit:

I, Geo. L. Howard, a Notary Public in and for said County hereby certify that A. S. Harrison relative of said R. A. Townsend deceased appeared before me and signed the same relinquishing all claims to said property as indicated by the within writing and requesting all the future signers to do the same.
                Given under my hand and signature this 19th day of January 1903.
Geo. L. Howard N.P.

State of Oregon, County of Multnomah, ss.

Be it remembered, that on this 27th day of January A.D. 1903 before me the undersigned, a Notary Public in end for the said County and State, personally appeared the within named Nannie B. Townsend, unmarried who is known to me to be one of the identical individuals described in and who executed the within instrument acknowledged to me that she executed the same freely and voluntarily.
In Testimony whereof, I have hereunto set me hand and notarial seal the day and year, last above written.

C. G. Willis N.P. for Oregon

State of Oregon, County of Multonomah, ss.

This certifies, that on the 29th day of January A. D. 1903, before me, the undersigned, a Notary Public in and for said County and State, personally appeared the within named A. B. Townsend and Frances M. Townsend his wife who are known to me to be the identical person described in who executed the within instrument, and acknowledged to me that they executed the same for the uses and purposes therein mentioned and Francis M. Townsend wife of the said A. B. Townsend on an examination made by me, separate and apart from her said husband then and there acknowledged to me that she executed the same freely and voluntarily, and without fear, coercion or compulsion from anyone.
In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and Notarial Seal the day and year last above written.

Joseph M. Healy N.P. for Oregon

State of New Jersey, County of Hunterdon, SS.

Be it remembered that on this 7th day of Sept. A. D. 1903, before me the undersigned a Notary Public in and for said County and State, personally appeared the within named Arthur M. Sanders, Lewis H. Sanders, D. N. Sanders and May S. Martin who are known to me to be the identical individuals described in and who signed the within instrument and acknowledged to mem that they executed the same freely and voluntarily.
                In Testimony Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year shown written.

Whitfield H. Sydnor N.P.

In Clerk’s Office Circuit Court of Prince William County, January 11th 1905.

This Deed from Cross &c. to Townsend was received with certificate annexed and admitted to record.

Teste: J. Nelson cl

[Margin note – “Examined and sent to Mrs. Julia A. Townsend on Aug 15th 1911 by Chas. W. Ellis, Jno. A. Nicol, clerk”]

Friday, March 11, 2016

Marriage; Hutchison-Harrison

Evening Star (Washington, DC)
15 November 1904

Miss Mary J. Hutchison, daughter of Mr. Westwood Hutchison of Manassas, Va., was married yesterday evening to Mr. James Harrison of Tennessee.  The ceremony took place at the home of the bride, near Manassas, and was performed by the Rev. A. B.  Broaddus.  Mr. and Mrs. Harrison will reside at Rex, Tenn.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Will: Hubberd Saunders

Hubberd Saunders Will
PWCo Will Book Q, page 6

In the name of God Amen, I Hubberd Saunders, in this my last will and testament, do bequeath to my beloved wife Livea all of my Estate that is to say all money in hand, on money due, and all of my personal and real Estate for her and her heirs, forever.

Given under my hand and seal this 12th day of July 1851.

Hubbard Saunders {seal}

Signed sealed and acknowledged in the presence of us.

R. F. Brawner
Frances Robertson

In Prince William County Court, march 1st 1852

This last will and testament of Hubbert Saunders decd was proved according to law by the oaths of R. F. Brawner & Frances Robertson witnesses thereto & ordered to be recorded and the motion of Redmon F. Brawner who made oath & together with Philip D. Lipscomb his security entered into & acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $300 conditioned as the law directs. Certificate is granted and the said Redmon F. Brawner for obtaining letters of administration on the said decedents estate with the will aforesaid annexed in due form.


J. Williams CC

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday's Obituary: Susana Slade

Washington Gazette
22 October 1821

On the 7th inst. at Dumfries, of perfect exhaustion after delivery, in the 23d year of her age, Mrs. Susana Slade, consort of Richard Slade, Esq. and eldest daughter of the Rev. M. L. Weems -- leaving those affectionate relatives not so much to grieve as to rejoice with thankfulness to God for the loan; though alas! too short of a wife and a daughter, whose early piety and virtues rendered her so lovely in life, and after death so precious to memory.   (Communicated)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Newspaper Tidbit: Prince William Township Officers

Alexandria Gazette
31 May 1873

PRINCE WILLIAM TOWNSHIP OFFICERS -- The following township officers were elected at the May election, in addition to those given in our last issue.

Brentsville Township -- Supervisor, J. B. Reid; Assessor, James M. Sinclair; Clerk, A. F. Woodyard; Collector, John T. Goodwin; Commissioner of Roads, John A. Brawner; Overseer of Poor, Benj. F. Manuel; Justices of the Peace, A. F. Woodyard til 1875, and Jno. D. Payne til 1876; Constables, John T. Goodwin, till 18875; Geo. B. Chichester, til 1876.

Occoquan Township -- Supervisor, Dr. Milton A. Ish; Clerk, L. Ledman; Assessor, Absalom T. Lynn; Collector, Geo. W. Tansill; Commissioner of Roads, A. M. Arrington; Overseer of Poor, M. Curtis; Justice of the Peace, C. W. Holland 3 years; Constable, Geo. W. Tansill 3 years.

Coles Township -- Supervisor, M. N. Lynn; Clerk, Wm. B. Lynn; Assessor, J. M. Barbee, Collector, Robert H. Keys; Commissioner of Roads, Roy L. Davis; Overser of poor, John H. Lynn; Justice of Peace, Sam. R. Lowe, 3 years; Constable, Robert H. Keyes, 3 years.

Dumfries Townhip -- Supervisor, Chas. F. Bayley; Clerk, Wm. A. Dunnington; Assessor, Wm. S. Chapman; Collector, James V. Nash; Commissioner of Roads, Henry C. Brawner; Overseer of Poor, James Clark; Justices of the Peace, A. H. Fuechsel til 1876; George R. Atkinson till 1874; Constables, Jas. V. Nash, till 1876, Benjamin Lynn, til 1875 -- Manassas Gazette

Friday, March 4, 2016

Deed: Gift Deed: James L. Cole to Susan V. (Carter) Cole

Gift Deed
Cole to Cole
Prince William County Deed Book 36, pg 567

This Deed, made this 11th day of September 1886 between James L. Cole of the first part, M. N. Lynn trustee of the second part, and Susan V. Cole the wife of the said Jas. L. Cole of the third part all of the County of Prince William and State of Virginia.  Witnesseth, that for and in consideration of the love and affection which the said J. L. Cole hath & bears for his said wife Susan V. Cole and for and in consideration of the sum of One Dollar in hand paid to the said Jas. L. Cole by the said M. N. Lynn trustee, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, he the said Jas. L. Cole doth hereby sell and convey unto the said trustee the following property to wit: 10 stands of bees and their increase, One Double Barrel Gun, set Blacksmith tools, 1000 feet of lumber, all my household furniture and forty four acres of land, being the same land allotted or willed to me in the division of my late Father’s estate Lawrence Cole died, with the privilege of selling the said land whenever it shall seem to her best, to have and to hold the above described property in trust for the benefit of the said Susan V. Cole & her children, free from the debts and liabilities of the said Jas. L. Cole or any future husband.   Witness the following signature and seal the day & year first written.

Jas. L. Cole {seal}

In Clerk’s Office Prince William County Sept. 11 1886

This Deed of Gift from Cole to Cole was received acknowledged by Grantor and admitted to record.

Teste, L. A. Davis, Clerk

[This is an especially interesting gift deed from James Lawrence Cole, the son of Lawrence Cole, to his wife Susan V. (Carter) Cole.  In family letters, James is talked about as a notorious womanizer who on one occasion actually brought another woman home with him!  Small wonder Mrs. Cole wanted some sort of financial surety "free from the debts and liabilities of the said Jas. L. Cole or any future husband!"  ~ cgl]