Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday's Obituary: Robert Weir

Alexandria Gazette
12 October 1842

At his residence in the County of Prince William, on Sunday, the 2d inst, after a protracted illness of several months, Robert Weir, Esq., in the 59th year of hsi age.

Mr. Weir was a native of Spotsylvania, and in early life a resident of Falmouth.  After leaving Falmouth, he settled in Tappahannock, where, for many years, he prosecuted trade as a Merchant.

His inflexible probity, untiring industry and patient devotion to business, resulted in the acquisition of an independent fortune.  Whilst his general benevolence, unostentatious but openhanded charity, warm, affectionate and confiding disposition, made him as generally beloved as universally esteemed throughout the circle of his acquaintance.  After retiring from trade, Mr. Weir removed to the neighborhood of Brentsville, where he has resided for the last ten years.

The life of but few men affords a picture of such unblemished virtue, without a friendship lost, or an enmity to regret.  He has left a widow and five children to lament his loss.

[Robert Weir was born 20 October 1784 and is buried in the Weir family cemetery in Manassas. ~cgl]

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