Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Newspaper Tidbit: Commissioners of Election in PWCo

Alexandria Gazette
15 May 1860


The following gentlemen have been appointed by the court of Prince William county, Commissioners to superintend the election to be held for county officers on the fourth Thursday this month:

Brentsville -- William W. Davis, A. Howison, Dr. E. W. Latimer, Jno. Camper, and Eppa Hunton, commissioners, - Jas. G. Draney, Conductor.

P. J. Cannon's Store -- Ben. Johnson, D. T. Arrington, J. Willcoxen, W. I. Wier, and Geo. A. Cannon - A. F. Woodyard, Conductor.

Hay Market -- J. A. Harrison, G. Hulfish, Thos. S. Shirley, and B. E. Harrison - G. Simpson, Conductor.

Sudley Mills -- J. T. Leachman, C. C. Cushing, M. W. Lynn, J. D. Dogan, and John Y. Cundiff - A. Buckley, Conductor.

Dumfries -- J. W. Groves, R. W. Wheat, T. H. Speake, G. W. Merchant, J. A. Annis - M. F. McConchie, Conductor.

Cole's Store -- F. Hanna, Z. A. Kankey, W. H. Smoot, W. Selecman, and Basil Brawner - W. Gaskins, Conductor.

Kings' Former Store -- John Sullivan, Ro. Wilkins, J. W. Davis, W. H. Simpson, and C. A. Nelson - John Keys, Conductor.

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