Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Marriage Licenses (1905) (Lynn/Holmes)

Evening Star (Washington, DC)
3 November 1905

Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses have been issued to the following:

Joseph H. Wood and Inez May Howard

Clarence W. Jackson of Belmont, Ohio, and Ethel May Barber of this city.

Harry Rawles and Rosa Gordon.

James A. Harrison of Richmond, Va., and Mary A. Meeks of Lynchburg, Va.

William H. Waters and Annie L. Boswell.

George Carter and Fannie Griggsby.

Joseph S. Bateman and Catherine Murphy.

William S. Simms and Annie E. Hitchcock.

Tyler W. Lynn and Effie D. Holmes, both of Prince William county, Va.

Ernest Patten and Burdette Henry.

Prince A. Beaman and Ellen L. Blue.

James Flaherty and Annie Rabinoriz.

George Giddin and Martha Hallstock.

Caleb N. Moody and Rosa A. Broughton, both of Portsmouth, Va.

Herbert M. Griffith and Sarah W. Dickingson.

Alvin G. Shipley and Emma Masureck, both of Baltimore, Mc.

Charles W. Gosnell of Baltimore, Md., and Eleanor V. Harrison of this city.

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