Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thriller Thursday: Henry W. Reid

Richmond Times Dispatch
26 January 1908


Henry W. Reid, From Prince William, Murdered in Washington

Washington, D.C., January 25 -- Henry W. Reid, of this city, who came to Washington from Prince William county about five years ago, was murdered in front of his home, on F Street, near North Capitol, about 1 o'clock this morning.  A few feet from where the body was found another man was held up and robbed earlier in the evening.

Reid's body was terribly cut, and a bloody oyster knife found near by had evidently been plunged through the top of the skull into the brain, producing instant death.  The body was found by two policemen before it had grown cold.  Four arrests have been made, but the police have only slight clues.

Reid was the proprietor of a saloon near Union Station.  He was in the habit of taking home every night the cash receipts for the day, and it is believed that the murderers knew of this, and were seeking money.  They took his gold watch and chain, and probably some change from his pocket, but the police found in the cash drawer at the saloon this morning $146.  Reid was the son of the late William Reid, who ran a hotel near Brentsville, not far from Manassas.  The young man was clerk of the Tremont Hotel for a time, and later opened a saloon.

He was recently placed in charge of the affairs of a new hotel company, which was to erect a hotel near the new Union Station.

The body will be taken to Prince William for interment.

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