Sunday, June 21, 2015

Church Record Sunday: Newspaper Tidbits

Alexandria Gazette
28 September 1860

Resignation of a Pastor. -- The Rev. Jno. Towles, rector of St. Paul's Church, Leeds Parish, Prince William County, has resigned the charge of that parish and the parish of Dettinger in the same county.  A meeting of St. Paul's vestry was held on the 10th inst., on which occasion the letter of resignation having been read, resolutions of esteem for the retiring pastor, and of regret at the severing of pastoral relations were unanimously adopted.  The vestry of Dettinger have passed similar resolutions.

Alexandria Gazette
19 October 1866

MISSIONARY APPOINTMENT. -- At a meeting of the State Mission Board of the Baptist General Association of Virginia, held Monday afternoon in Richmond, the Rev. T. W. Newman, was appointed Missionary to Prince William county.

Alexandria Gazette
9 May 1867

Prince William County. -- Rev. H. Hyde, of Independent Hill, Prince William county, writes to the Home Missionary an appeal for Puritan emigration to Virginia, as the only means that can gain and save the South.  He describes his place, "in the heart of the nation, close to the national capital -- on the borders of the Potomac, with access by water to all the markets of the world -- with a rolling, well-watered, fertile soil, abounding in all the products of the forest, and near to those of the mine." Everything is as free, and as secure from damages, as in New England.

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