Monday, May 4, 2015

Will: George Williams (1827)

Prince William County Will Book  M, pg 494
04 Oct 1825; proved 07 May 1827

In the name of God Amen I GEORGE WILLIAMS of the Town of Dumfries County of Prince William & State of Virginia knowing it is appointed for all men to die I do ordain this my last will and testament.  My desire is that my Executor hereafter mentioned do sell any part of my Estate that he may think most advantageous to the estate to pay all my just debts which I hop will be found few in number. 2nd. That he pays out of my estate forty eight dollars annually to my sister JANE during her life.  3rd I give to my wife CATHARINE all the balances of my estate real & personal during her life and after her death for my lands to be divided in the following manner to my son JOHN three hundred and fifty acres adjoining the land of Maj. Luke Cannon.  4th Balances which I suppose to be one hundred & fifty acres I give to my grand son JESSE WILLIAMS, his father WILLIAM C. WILLIAMS to have the use of the same during his life but not to be allowed to commit, waste & timber to the injury of my grandson while under age.  5th I give to my two daughters FLORES & LOUISA my house & lott in the town of Dumfries as I suppose it sufficiently large for both jointly or divided into two aportionentz.  6th I give to my grand son JAMES A. M. MUSCHETT one negro boy named Philip and to my grandson JESSE WILLIAIMS one negro boy named Nat & one negro girl named Delia. 7th I give to my JOHN one negro man named John a carpenter by trade.  8th The balance of my slaves to be equally divided between my four children my son WILLIAM only to have the use of the one fourth part that may fall to his lott during his life afterwards to be divided between his children.  9th and lastly appoint my son John W. Williams my Executor no inventory or appraisement of my estate to be taken nor any security to be required of him as my Executor as witness my hand this fourth day of October 1825.


At a Court held for Prince William County the 7th day of May 1827.  This last will and testament of George Williams deceased was presented to the Court and it appearing to the Court from their inspection and evidence of their witnesses that the same will is in the hand writing of the said George Williams said will is admitted to record.  And at a Court of Quarterly Sessions, continued and held for Prince William County Jun 6th 1827. John W. Williams the Executor named in the last will and testament of Geo. Williams decd. came into Court and made oath to the same according to law and having taken the oath of an Executor and entered into bond Certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form the Court dispensing with security according to the desire of the Testator it appearing that he had more visible property than would discharge his debts.

Teste, Philip D. Dawe

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