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Thriller Thursday: The Late Difficulty in Nokesville

Alexandria Gazette (VA)
25 January 1870

To the editor of the Alexandria Gazette:

Dear Sir: I notice in the Prince William Advocate an extract taken from your paper, in which it is alleged upon the authority of persons living in the neighborhood of Nokesville, "that the late difficulty between Mr. Bunn Grigsby and the Messrs. Marsteller has been settled.  The former was compelled to sign a paper and to submit to a severe castigation, but the later afterwards gave up the paper and expressed regrets for acting so hastily."

We respectfully request that we may be permitted through the medium of your paper to say that no such settlement as above stated, nor has any settlement whatever of the said difficulty been effected.

Very respectfully, L. A. MARSTELLER & Bro.
Nokesville, Pr. Wm. co., Jan 24.

Alexandria Gazette
24 February 1870

THE LATE DIFFICULTY AT NOKESVILLE -- Mr. Marsteller, who was shot at Nokesville on Monday evening last, is reported to be recovering.  The attack upon him was not unexpected, as he had written to a young gentleman in this city, telling him that the difficulty between himself and Mr. Grigsby had not be settled, and asking him if convenient to pay him a visit, and stay with him until the Messrs. Grigsby and their friend, who had been to Morrisville, in Fauquier county, after his brother, but were unable to see him on account of his sickness, left the neighborhood.  These three gentlemen took the night train at Manassas and returned to Lynchburg on the evening the shooting took place.

Evening Star (Washington, DC)
24 February 1870

It was thought last night at Nokesville that Mr. Marsteller, who was shot there on Monday last by Mr. Clay Grigsby, as heretofore stated in the Gazette, might probably recover, though the ball was still embedded among the muscles at the base of  his skull.

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