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Friend of Friends Friday: $20 Reward (Mary)

Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, VA)
25 August 1832


For the apprehending Negro Girl MARY, who ran off last night or this morning, and bringing her home, I will pay the above stated reward of Twenty Dollars, except she is taken in this or an adjoining County, in which case half the amount, and reasonable charges for bringing her home; if taken elsewhere than in Virginia or the County of Alexandria, in the District of Columbia, I will pay the twenty dollars for securing her so that I get her, and all reasonable charges if brought home, She is about 18 years old, five feet two inches high, rather stout, and of dark copper color.  She has the scar of a sore on one of her legs, near the ankle.  Took with her a variety of clothing, particularly a pair of sharp toed coarse leather shoes, lined.


La Grange, near Thoroughfare, Prince William Co., Virginia, 23d August, 1832

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The National Intelligencer and United States Telegraph will insert the above.

Daily National Intelligencer (Washington, DC)
16 March 1821


Ran away from the subscriber, who resides in Stafford County, Va. on the 1st January last, a negro man, named JERRY, a blacksmith by trade, about 40 years of age, 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high, slender made, not very black, and of thin visage; he is fond of tobacco, and carries it generally in his under lip before he speaks, as if he had something in his mouth.  If necessary to examine him particularly -- he has a rupture near his groin, caused by a strain; has blue pantaloons, brown bearskin jacket, wool hat, all new, and has other clothing pretty much worn which he may probably wear at times.

Jerry was in Falmouth the 1st of January last, and I am informed he said he intended going in the neighborhood of Hay Market, in Prince William county, to see his mother.  He has a wife at Mr. John England's, just above Falmouth, Va.  He is well acquainted in Alexandria, where he once was taken at work in the streets when ranaway, and is probably there at this time.  The constables will please keep a look out for him.  The above reward will be given to any person who will deliver Jerry to me, or secure him in jail, so that I get him.  I believe he was formerly the property of Mr. Masshutt, in Dumfries.  Any person who may take him up will please give me the earliest notice.  My address is

Stafford Court House, Va.

jan 23-tf

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