Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Will: James Abell (1812)

Prince William County Will Book K, pg. 178
14 May 1805; proved 07 Dec 1812

I JAMES ABELL of Prince William County and State of Virginia being at this time in perfect health and sound mind thanks be to the Allmighty for the same, do hereby make ordain and publish this my last will and testament expressly hereby revoking & disannuling all others heretofore made by me.  Item I give and bequeath to my daughter JANE the feather bed she now uses & all the furniture belonging to it a cow & calf also the weaving loom & tackle a deep pewter dish & half a dozen pewter plates.  Item I give and bequeath to my daughter MARY the feather bed she now uses with all the furniture belonging to the same also her choice of a cow & calf, a deep pewter dish and half a doz. Pewter plates also a horse by the name of Frederick, a womans saddle & bridle.

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter CECELIA, WILLIAM COPIN’s wife a feather bed and furniture.  Item I give and bequeath to my son WILLIAM a feather bed and furniture.

Item I give & bequeath to my daughters JANE & MARY all the provisions which may be in the house at the time of my death as also all the grain of every kind in the house or a growing and all the stock which may be up a fattening at the time of my decease, and all the residue of my estate not allready disposed of after my just debts & funeral expenses are paid shall be divided amongst my children as follows, one fourth part shall be given to my daughter JANE, one other fourth part shall be given to my daughter MARY & the other two fourths shall be divided in three parts, and one third of said two fourths shall be given to my daughter ELIZABETH wife of JOHN SINCOCKS, one third of two fourths shall be given to CECELIA wife of WILLIAM COPIN, and the other third of two fourths shall be given to my son WILLIAM ABELL.  Lastly I constitute & appoint my good & worthy friend STEPHEN HOWISON whole & sole executor of this my last will & testament & as I am clear of debt I request that he be not obliged to give security upon his administration & my further will & desire is that my executor if he thinks proper may not sell my estate only to have it appraised & divided amongst my children – agreeable to the appraisement & in such proportions as I have before directed them to receive it & if any dispute as to choice in any of the property not specifically disposed of let them draw lotts.  In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this fourteenth day of May eighteen hundred and five.


Signed sealed and acknowledged in presence of us


At a Court held for Prince William County Dec. 7th 1812

This last will and testament of JAMES ABELL decd. was presented to the Court by STEPHEN HOWISON JUNR. and being proved by the oaths of WILLIAM BARNES and WILLIAM SMITH is ordered to be recorded.  And it appearing to the Court by the oath of WILLIAM ABELL that the STEPHEN HOWISON mentioned in the said will as Exor. was intended for STEPHEN HOWISON JUNR.  Therefore the said STEPHEN HOWISON JUNR. came into Court and having took the oath of an Executor certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.  The Court having dispensed with security it appearing by the last will and testament of said JAMES ABELL that his Executor should give none.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Church Record Sunday: Coles District Sunday School Convention (1931)

30 July 1931
Manassas Journal


Proceedings of Coles District Sunday School Convention, held with Woodbine Baptist Church, July 26, 1931, beginning at 10:30 a.m.

Opening Song --- "Near the Cross"

Devotional Exercise - Rev. J. M. Wells
   8 Romans 1-4, followed by prayer by Rev. J. M. Wells

Music, by Woodbine Sunday School
   "Carry Your Cross With a Smile"

Address of Welcome -- Miss Ola Whitmer

Response -- Rev. J. M. Bell

Music, by Independent Hill Sunday School

Recitation -- Miss Annabelle Merrill

Duet, "Just a little help from you"
   Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Bell

Address, "On Sunday School Work" -- Rev. J. Murray Taylor

Quartette -- Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Bell and Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wine

Motion for adjournment for lunch

Dismissed by Rev. J. Murray Taylor.

Afternoon Session 1:30 P.M.

Opening Song, "I Love to Tell the Story"

Prayer -- Rev. W. T. Wine

Duet -- Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wine

Business of convention:  Committee for nominating officers for ensuing year:  Mr. W. A. Wine, Mr. R. W. Woodyard, and Mr. C. F. Whitmer.

Rev. W. T. Wine suggested a motion that a resolution be placed on the minutes in behalf of Mr. Herring's recent illness, and sympathy be extended Mr. Herring, and hope for a speedy recovery, which was adopted.  Prayer was then offered by Rev. J. M. Bell in Mr. Herring's behalf.  Reports from the following Sunday Schools:  Woodbine and Independent Hill.  Reports adopted and Purcell S. S. just being organized.  Officers for ensuing year are as follows:  president, Mr. W. A. Wine, vice president, Mr. W. Y. Elliott, secretary-treasurer, Bessie V. Cornwell.

Music, "Anywhere With Jesus"

Address -- Mr. J. M. Bell

Address, "The Importance of a Sunday School" -- Mr. R. A. Rust

Music, "Onward Christian Soldiers"

Recitation -- Mr. J. W. Bell

Talks on Sunday School Work by the following:  Mr. W. T. Wine and Elder Geo. Beahm

Contribution from Independent Hill -- $1.00

Collection taken -- $3.60

Total -- $4.60

A rising vote of thanks was extended to Woodbine for their hospitality of entertaining the convention.

Closing song, "God be with you


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: William L. Lynn

Sudley Methodist Church Cemetery, Catharpin, VA
(Photo by C.Lynn)

MAR. 13, 1871
MAR. 22, 1932

William Luther "Willie" Lynn was the son of Robert Lee Lynn, Sr. and his first wife, Mary Elizabeth Fulton.  He is age 9 on the 1880 Prince William County census with his father and his aunt, Nannie Lynn.   He never married and lived for a time in Mineral Wells, Texas.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Military Monday: Robert Weir-Mitchell Weir

Evening Star (Washington, DC)
16 July 1944


Robert Weir-Mitchell Weir, son of Robert M. Weir, commissioner of revenue for Prince William County, has been promoted to captain in the Army since landing in France on D-day.  Capt. Weir is a graduate of the Manassas High School and the College of William and Mary.  He volunteered for service with the British Civilian Technical Corps and was sent to England in 1941.  In January, 1943, he was transferred to the United States Army.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thriller Thursday: Suicided at Last: Frederick Hurlbuss

Alexandria Gazette
14 August 1893

SUICIDED AT LAST -- Frederick Hurlbuss committed suicide at Woodbridge, Prince William county, on Friday last, by shooting himself in the head, the ball entering behind the right ear, causing instant death.

Hurlbuss lived in that section some years and was the suitor for the hand of Mrs. George M. Arnold.  Before she was married she rejected his suit and married Mr. Arnold, a farmer, and Hurlbuss then went west, remaining a few years.  He was, however, so much infatuated with the lady that he returned about three months since and proposed to her to elope with him.  This she indignantly refused to do and repelled his advances.  He then became despondent and taking poison came near ending his life.

Friday afternoon he went down on the Quantico train, getting off at the station below Woodbridge and walking back.  In the evening he appeared at Mrs. Arnold's house and had a talk with her, in which he again asked if she would go away with him.  As on the former occasion she indignantly repelled the suggestion.  "Well, then," he said, "I will kill myself right here in your presence."  Mrs. Arnold screamed and closed the door and Hurlbuss left, going to a family grave yard, about two hundred yards from the house.

In a short time a pistol shot was heard from that direction, and parties going there found him lying with the pistol near by and the wound in the head and he was then dead.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Jordan-Bell

Baltimore Sun
7 March 1905


Fredericksburg, Va., March 6 -- Mr. William N. Jordan and Miss Annie L. Bell, daughter of Mr. James W. Bell, both of Prince William county, were married last week at St. Paul's Church, Rev. H. F. Kloman officiating.  Miss Clara Bell was the maid of honor and Mr. George Hulfish best man.  Mr. and Mrs. Jordan left for a bridal trip to the North.

Wednesday's Child: Stewart Clarke

Evening Star (Washington, DC)
22 July 1901

The remains of a small boy named Stewart, stepson of Mr. Milton Clarke, who lives in Washington, were carried to Glymont, Md., from Woodbridge, Prince William county, Va., for interment today.  The child, who was about ten years of age, was killed at Woodbridge Friday afternoon by being caught under several falling railroad ties.  He was climbing on the pile when it gave way and caught him under the falling mass.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

In Chancery: Haliday v. adm. of George H. Cockrell

Alexandria Gazette
6 July 1859

IN PRINCE WILLIAM CIRCUIT COURT, May 10th, 1859, James F. Haliday, plaintiff, against Samuel Cockrell, William G. Brawner, adm'r. of George H. Cockrell, dec'd., Sarah Ann Cockrell, William C. Harvey and Catharine his wife, Samuel D. Cockrell, George H. Cockrell, William Cockrell, Elizabeth Cockrell, Charles W. Cockrell, Joseph Cockrell, Sarah Cockrell, and Georgiana Cockrell, the last seven infants by guardian ad litem, defendants -- In Chancery.

The Court doth appoint Milton Fitzhugh, Clerk of t his Court, guardian ad litem of the infant defendants, George H., William, Elizabeth, Charles W., Joseph, Sarah, and Georgiana Cockrell; and thereupon the said infants, by their said guardian ad litem, filed their answer, and the plaintiff having proceeded in the mode prescribe by law against the absent defendants, Samuel Cockrell, William C. Harvey and Catharine his wife, George H. Cockrell, and Elizabeth Cockrell, and the bill having been taken for confessed as to the adult home defendants, William G. Branwer, adm'r. of George H. Cockrell, dec'd., Sarah Ann Cockrell, and Samuel D. Cockrell, upon whom process has been regularly served, and the cause set for hearing, this cause came on to be heard upon the bill and exhibits, and was argued by counsel; on consideration whereof the Court doth adjudge, order, and decree, that one of the Commissioners of the Court do state, settle, and adjust the account of William G. Brawner, adm'r., of George H. Cockrell, dec'd.; that he take an account of the debts due by the intestate George H. Cockrell; tha the take an account of all real estate of which said intestate died seized or entitled to; and that he inquire into and ascertain the amount and aggregate value of said real estate; that the Commissioner give notice of the day of his commencing to take the accounts and make the enquiries directed by this decree, by publication of a copy thereof once a week for four successive weeks in the Prince William Democrat, a newspaper published at Brentsville, in this County, or in the Alexandria Gazette, a newspaper published in the town of Alexandria, Virginia, pursuant to the set of Assembly, in such case made and proved; and said Commissioner will report his action under this decree to the Court, with any matter specially stated he may deem pertinent, or any party may require to be so stated.

A copy -- Teste:  M. FITZHUGH, Clerk

[Publication of chancery cases can offer up a wealth of information. Take the above case, which specifies "William C. Harvey and Catharine his wife" and also names the "infant defendants, George H., William, Elizabeth, Charles W., Joseph, Sarah, and Georgiana Cockrell."  ~cgl]

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Will: William Scott (1795)

Prince William County Will Book H, pg. 126
3 Jan 1795; Proved 7 April 1795

I WILLIAM SCOTT of Dumfries in the Commonwealth of Virginia do make this my last Will and Testament; I give to my wife during her life two negroes, SALL and PETER, and at their death to be divided among the children of my daughter LETITIA COLQUHON.  My other negroes to wit, RATE, RALPH, DINAH and FANNEY, I give to the children of my daughter LETITIA COLQUHON to be among them divided at such time and in such manner as shall be just, which division is to be made by my son CHARLES.

I give to my said daughter LETITIA COLQUHON one third part of the lands in Virginia or elsewhere, which came to me by the death of my brother ROBERT, hereby desiring that the said lands may be sold with all convenient speed by my son CHARLES, and that one third part of the money be secured to the use of my said daughter for support to her, during her life and afterwards to be equally divided among her children.  All the remainder of my estate I give to my said son CHRLES on condition that he pay to his mother the sum of Fifty pounds current money yearly in lieu of dower in my land and the payments to be made quarterly, and punctually for her further support in comfort so long as she shall live, and also that he pay to my niece MARY CHINN fifty pounds like money.

The household furniture is not to be sold, but is set apart for the use of my wife and daughter.  In Witness that this is my last Will and Testament I do hereunto set my hand this third day of January Seventeen hundred and ninety five.  I appoint my son Executor of this Will.


Published and declared by the Testator to be his last Will in the presence of and Interlined first


At a Court continued and held for Prince William County the 7th Day of April 1795.

This last Will and Testament of William Scott dec’d was presented to the Court by CHARLES SCOTT his Executor who made oath to the same and the said Will being proved by the Oaths of Alexander Henderson and HECTOR ROFZ is ordered to be recorded and the said Executor having performed what is usual in such cases, certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.



Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday's Obituary: Joseph B. Reid

Evening Star (Washington, DC)
23 January 1905

Death of Confederate Veteran

Mr. Joseph B. Reid of Brentsville, Va., died at Providence Hospital Friday afternoon.  He was seventy-two years old and was one of the best-known residents of Prince William county.  During the war he served in Company H, 15th Virginia Confederate Cavalry and represented his county in the legislature some time after the close of the war.

Funeral services were conducted at the home of his son, Mr. Henry W. Reid, No. 2 Massachusetts avenue yesterday morning.  The remains will be interred at Manassas.

[Sgt. Joseph B. Reid is buried in the Manassas City Cemetery, Confederate Section.  ~cgl]