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Newspaper Tidbit: Will of Late Redmon Foster

Manassas Journal
24 January 1913


Several Lady Friends Remembered by the Testator in Small Bequests

The last will and testament of the late Redmon Foster, who died December 26, 1912, has just been probated.

The instrument, which is written in the testator's hand writing with an indelible pencil and upon common writing paper, contains an unsigned codicil by which he disposes of his wearing apparel, bed clothing and a few articles of furniture, to Miss Ella Fogle and to Miss Effie Hale the sum of $30.  After providing for the payment of his funeral expenses and all other just liabilities, he makes provision for the following legacies:  Mrs. Jas. R. Dorrell and Miss Lillian Jones, each $50; Mrs. Wm. E. Lipscomb, Mrs. Nettie Garrison, and Mayan Shacklett, each $50; Mrs. Herbert Tolson $30; and Misses Pocahontas Lynn, Faith Chapman, Lucy Harrison, Maude Hall, Stella Kesky and Violet Scott, each $30.  The remainder of the estate is bequeathed to Mrs. Jas. R. Dorrell and Miss Lillian Jones, share and share alike.  The will is dated December 4, 1912, and Thos. H. Lion is named as executor of the same.

It has been stated by some of the testator's closest friends, who have known him for a period of over fifty years, that he has some twenty or thirty thousand dollars in United States bonds besides other bonded assets.  We understand that none of the bonds, with the exception of $3,000, have yet been located.

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