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Military Monday: PW Board Calls Married Men to Fill Draft Quota (1943)

Evening Star (Washington, DC)
01 March 1943


Supply of Single Men Exhausted as 100 Face Induction This Month

 Manassas, Va., March 1 —The Prince William County Selective Service Board has exhausted its supply of single men and dipped into the list of married men without children to fill a March call for 100 selectees, the largest yet made in the county.

Seventy-two white men have been called for induction March 8. Twenty-eight are scheduled to go March 27.

C. C. Clove, chairman of the local board, said there are still enough single colored men to fill a March 23 call for 13.

The following white men have been notified to appear for induction March 8:

Malone, Harry R.
Di Filippo, Luneo C.
Halary, Vivian G.
Sowers, Glen L.
Wine, Charles H. Jr.
Street, Tolly R.
Thomas, Carroll B.
Clemen, Ray T.
Lewis, Rosier B.
Sloper, Daniel R.
Kline, James D.
Hoffman, Berkeley O.
Lettner, Clyde L.
Wells, John T.
Conner, Alvin E.
Ellis, James L.
Posey, Wayne E.
Bourne, Wallace S.
Lion, Paul E.
Phillips, Roy R.
Brown, William M.
Gladley, Charles V.
Blakemore, Frank L.
Cusick, Vincent M.
Berryman, Alfred
Sieger, G. E. Jr.
McLean, John T.
Hornbaker, Frank W.
Mills, Leon C.
Liming, Clinton W.
Weaver, Willard C.
Kincheloe, Jack E.
Crouch, Maurice
Rison, Russell C.
Harris, Ivan L.
Canham, Donald R.
Payne, Howard C.
Sowers, Lewis M.
Samsky, Andrew F.
Stanley, Amos
Cornwell, Charles R.
Bailey, Randolph H.
Papa, Frank
Upton, Thomas W.
Broaddus, J. T. Jr.
Dawson, Hugh L.
Crabill, Charles W.
Murphy, Jerry L.
Breeden, Jesse R.
Leonard, Nelson H.
Davis, Douglas C.
Breeden, James A.
Robinson, James H.
Worley, Lawrence D.
Woodyard, Aylette M.
Claybourne, D. W.
Dodson, Douglas O.
Funkhouser, L. H.
Mooney, Eugene L.
Florence, Paul W.
Jewell, Harvey L.
Randall, Frank W.
Lynn, William N.
Pitts, Carroll L.
Yancey, Cecil R.
Abel, David L.
Landes, Ernest C.
Dolan, Percy E.
Deihl, Saylor F.
Harper, Raymond L.
Coleman, L. C.
Abel, Osie N. Jr.

Colored men ordered to report to Richmond March 23 are:

Johnson, Louis E.
Tyler, Elmo R.
Jordan, Odie
Johnson, E. R.
Peters, J. M. Jr.
Hughes, Ernest L.
White, Earl L.
Johnson, James R.
Byrd, Weldon L.
Ray, George R.
Grigsby, William
Street, Carson

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