Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday's Child: Chas. Edward Hedrick

Manassas Democrat
July 16, 1914


Died at Catlett, June 24, Chas. Edward, infant son of Lottie and Oren Hedrick, aged four months, two weeks and two days.  He was such a jolly good-natured little baby before he was taken ill with whooping cough, just brimming over with laughter and joy.  How glad we were that he did not have to linger long in pain, but that when Jesus called the little sufferer to come to Him, his little life wen tout without a struggle.  It was a relief to see his lovely little face in such smiling, Heavenly peace, instead of wearing the drawn look of agony it had worn for the past few days.  No sin will ever blacken his white soul, but his parents can know that they will always have a little baby in Paradise, forever pure and sweet, shining among the brightest of His jewels.  I, two [sic], loved that little baby, and if ever I reach the Better Land, I hope his arms will reach out a tiny welcome to me.


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