Thursday, September 25, 2014

Newspaper Tidbit: PWCo Court (1875)

Alexandria Gazette
September 11, 1875

At the September term of the County Court, J. Engle Smith was appointed and qualified by entering into bonds in $500 as overseer of the poor in Brentsville township.

Geo. W. Tansill and C. A. Cannon qualified as deputies of the county treasurer, W. W. Kincheloe.

The grand jury presented an indictment against William D. Lee for felony, charging him with burning the stackyard of Wm. L. B. Wheeler.

Manassas Russell was exempted from State and county capitation tax on account of old age.

Com. vs. Samuel Smith, charged with putting an obstruction on the Midland railroad.  The prisoner, a small negro boy, was prosecuted by the Commonwealth's attorney, assisted by Gen. Eppa Hunton, employed by the railroad company, and defended by Messrs. C. E. Sinclair and E. E. Meredith.  The jury took the case about sundown, but failing to agree, were kept until twelve o'clock Tuesday, when they were discharged, and a new trial ordered at the next term of the court.  It is said the first vote by the jury resulted in eleven for acquittal and one for conviction, and that one, Mr. Perry, held out to the last.

Com. vs. Wm. D. Lee; prisoner arraigned and pleaded not guilty, and one of his counsel, Judge Sinclair, appeared and demurred generally to the indictment, and on his motion the case was continued until next court.

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