Monday, August 11, 2014

Military Monday: Men Who Were With Mosby

The Washington Post (DC)
October 13, 1898


Washingtonians Who Will Attend the Reunion of the Band

The Washington men who were with Mosby will meet at Confederate Hall tomorrow evening at 7:30 o'clock to make arrangements to attend the annual reunion of the famous band, which is to take place at Manassas on October 25.

The local committee on arrangements is composed of R. M. Harrover, Durand Shackleford, and M. M. Marmaduke.  The Washington men who will attend the reunion are:  A. J. Biedler, T. R. Baker, Americus Davis, P. A. Darneille, P. M. Darden, W. L. Flynn, Durand Shackleford, R. M. Harrover, A. J. Hobson, M. M. Marmaduke, D. G. Mohler (Sergeant), Dr. A. B. Mitchell, R. Macall, Lieut. Joe Nelson, James P. Nalls, J. B. Proutt, Liet. Boyd Smith, William R. Stone, T. J. Thompson, Capt. E. F. Thompson, G. R. Turberville, B. Thrift, Bush Underwood, Dr. Samuel Waggaman, Hugh T. Waters, S. H. Wilson, Sergt. J. W. Wrenn, and Lieut. Albert Wrenn.

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