Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thriller Thursday: Picnic in PWCo Strange Affair

Alexandria Gazette
August 1, 1866


Stafford County, VA, July 26th, 1866--

There was a Pic Nic at the house of Mr. Sandy Davis, in Prince William county, on last Thursday, 19th inst., the consequences of which, render it worthy of note.  Nearly every participant in the festivities was taken in the evening--some before leaving--some on their way home, and some after their arrival at home, with a severe spell of sickness, the symptoms of which indicated that it proceeded from some noxious ingredient, either in the "substantials" or in the drink.  Doctors Hore, Wheat, Ford, Stone and Leavy, were in great demand, and compelled to travel night and day.  The principal sufferers were the family of Mr. Davis, G. M. Weedon, P. T. Weedon, Charles Nelson, Walter Keys, besides the family of Mr. Mortimer Lynn and many others.  Some of the medical fraternity attributed the morbus to the lemonade, made up in a whiskey barrel; others to the fresh meat, hot weather, and the profusion of delicacies, too prodigally indulged in; some again, speak of criminal intention on the part of some one, but suspicion rests on no particular person.

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