Monday, May 26, 2014

Military Monday: Memorial Day 1907

Richmond Times Dispatch
May 23, 1907

MANASSAS, VA, May 22 -- The Manassas Chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy observed Memorial Day to-day, departing from their usual custom of holding the memorial exercises on the 3d of June, the birthday of Jefferson Davis, because of the Confederate Reunion, which is to take place in Richmond on that date.  The exercises were well attended, the courthouse, at which the speaking took place, being packed to its utmost capacity.  Addresses were delivered by Mr. R. L. Gordon, of Louisa; Judge C. E. Nicol, Mr. J. B. L. Thornton, Rev. W. H. K. Pendleton, of Wytheville, formerly of Manassas.  Dr. H. M. Clarkson, the post laureate of the Manassas Chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy, read an original poem, which had for its theme the unveiling of the statue of Jefferson Davis.  The speaking was interspersed with music, vocal and instrumental, one of the most pleasing features of the program being the singing of a large chorus of children.  Mr. Gordon, who was the orator of the day, was introduced by his friend and opponent for a seat in Congress from the Eight District, Judge C. E. Nicol.  The best of feeling exists between these two gentlemen, each in the course of their remarks referring to the other as "my good friend."

All Meet Mr. Roosevelt

President Roosevelt and party passed through here this afternoon on their return to Washington from Pine Knot.  The President's train made a brief stop, and Mr. Roosevelt came to the rear platform of his car in response to a call from several men who were at the depot.  Major James R. Purcell introduced himself and then the remainder of the party to the President.  While they were talking the train began to back, and Mr. Roosevelt called to the crowd to get out of the way, saying that if they didn't mind a good Democrat would be killed.  Mr. E. Nelson, clerk of the Circuit Court of Prince William county, responded, "Yes, and there are no Democrats to spare."  The President replied that the last returns looked that way.  The President was very democratic and pleasant to all, and extended his hand to many.

[On this Memorial Day 2014, we remember all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service their Country.  Thank you and God bless.  ~cgl]  

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