Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Mary and Albert Keyes

Alexandria Gazette
December 4, 1874

DIVORCED.  Mary Frances Keyes was married in October, 1854, to Albert H. Keyes, in Prince William county, Va., and has had several children, four of whom are living.  For the past seven years he has been addicted to drunkenness and neglected her and her children, and for the past three years he has hardly drawn a sober breath.  He brought his cousin, Virginia Keyes, to their house, in Washington, on the pretense of having a home for her until she could find employment, but really for adulterous purposes, which having been satisfactorily proven, Judge Wylie, of Washington, yesterday granted the plaintiff an absolute divorce, custody of her children, and an order restraining him from further interference with her, her family or household effects.

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