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Sunday's Obituary: Colonel John Gibson

Daily Union (Washington, DC)
September 25, 1846

DIED, at Fleetwood, Prince William county, on the 21st instant, Col. John Gibson, in the 62d year of hsi age -- one of the best men, and one of the ablest and firmest democrats in Virginia.

Richmond Enquirer
October 10, 1846


At a meeting of the Vestry of Dettingen Parish, Prince William County, held in the town of Brentsville, on the 25th day of September 1846:

Resolved, That in the estimation of this body this community has sustained an irreparable loss in the death of Colonel John Gibson, and this Church the loss of one of its best friends and principal supporters.

Resolved, That we extend our most cordial sympathy to the widow and friends of the deceased in their deep affliction.

Resolved, That in token of our sympathy, and our regard for the deceased, so many years a member of this body, we will wear crape thirty days.

Resolved, That the Secretary of the Vestry be directed to furnish a copy of these resolutions to the family of the deceased, and another to the Richmond Enquirer for publication.

Copy. Teste, J. H. Reid, Secretary

~ ~ ~


In Prince William County Court, October 1, 1846:

The death of Colonel John Gibson, the oldest member of the Bar, and the Attorney for the Commonwealth, having been announced to the Court by John W. Tyler, Esq., it was

Resolved, That the members of the Court, the members of the Bar, the Officers of the Court, and community generally, have received the Intelligence of this afflicting event with feelings of the profoundest regret.

Resolved, That in the death of Colonel John Gibson, the Court has lost the services and counsel of a valuable Officer, the members of the Bar an affectionate friend, and the community a citizen, endeared to them by numberless acts of usefulness and kindness.

Resolved, That we tender to the widow and relatives of the deceased our sincere sympathies in this afflicting bereavement of Providence.

Resolved, That the foregoing be entered on record, and published in the public prints; and that a copy thereof be communicated to the widow of the deceased.

A Copy. Teste, J. Williams, Clerk

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