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Newspaper Tidbit: Independent Hill Items (4 May 1917)

Recently, a reader pointed out that I tend to post items to my blog that favor (a) the Lynn surname, (b) Brentsville, and/or (c) Independent Hill/Coles District.  That may well be true.  I try to cover the entire county and time periods, but I must admit to a certain bias toward all of the above.

In the case of the Lynn surname, that one's a bit obvious since it's who I hale from and the Lynn Family has been in the county since the early 1700's.  

Brentsville was the county seat for many years and there's a lot of history there worth noting.  The Brentsville Courthouse Historic Site was the first historic site I visited after I moved to the county (even before the Manassas Battlefield) and includes my favorite historic building in the county, the Brentsville Jail.   

As for the community of Independent Hill, that is where my grandfather, Earl Lynn, was born and where his parents and his ancestors lived during most of the 1800s/early 1900s.   Not surprisingly, I love coming across little "Local Items" in newspapers that give personality and depth to the lives of those who lived there. 

Manassas Journal
May 4, 1917


Mr. and Mrs. George Retzer, who spent the past winter in Baltimore with their daughter, Mrs. Graeff, have returned to Virginia and are visiting now at the home of Mrs. H. L. Hinton.

Mrs. George Lowe spent several days last week as the guest of Mrs. John Carter.

Mr. A. M. Yates, of Manassas was a visitor Sunday at the home of Mr. S. Long.

Mr. Carlton Hill, who attended Eastern College the past session has returned to his home to assist in putting in the spring crops.

Mrs. Nellie Keys has returned to Manassas, where she has been staying with Mrs. L. T. Bauserman.

Mr. Earl Lynn motored to Manassas Wednesday in his new motor car.

Mr. Clifton Storke spent a few days this week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Storke.

Hayfield School and Civic League will hold its regular monthly meeting Friday, May 11, beginning at 8 o'clock.  Addresses will be made by Supt. Charles R. McDonald and Hon. C. J. Meetze.  Music and readings will be contributed by Misses Myrtle and Annabel Merrill and Miss Hattie Simpson and Messrs. George Oleyar, R. L. Hinton and Richard Thorp.

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