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Wedding Wednesday: Returned to Her Home

Alexandria Gazette
April 21, 1896


Mrs. Millard Ryan, alleged about ten days ago to have eloped from Washington with a boarder named Harvey, returned to her home in that city Sunday morning.  She did not return a penitent woman, as was generally supposed she would be, but an indignant and much-injured woman.  She states with much emp[h]asis that she had been at her mother's residence in Prince William county, Va.  Her mother, she says, will be in Washington and will corroborate her statement.  Mrs. Ryan says the night she left home she went to the Pennsylvania depot and purchased a ticket for Quantico, Va.  She left on the 8:30 train.  At Quantico she found that her mother had moved, and went to the house of a friend to learn where she had gone.  She was directed to her present home, and had been there ever since.  With reference to the disappearance of Mr. Harvey, she positively denied any knowledge of him or his whereabouts.  The suddenness of her disappearance was explained by the constant turmoil in the household and the sickness of her mother in Virginia.  Mrs. Ryan declares her innocence, and will abide by the decision of her husband.  If he refuses support she intends to go to her uncle in Leesburg.  Mrs. Ryan says he fully believes in the innocence of his wife, and declares they will overlook the recent unpleasant incident and try to live in peace and happiness.

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