Friday, December 20, 2013

Current Affairs: Official Notice Regarding the PWCS Decision

Following the December 18th meeting of the Prince William County School Board, the PWCS website "Facts and Plans Regarding Grave Site Discovered at Location of 12th High School" has been updated to read as follows:

A poll School Board Members confirmed their acceptance of reinterment plans presented by the Superintendent, and reflecting the consensus of family members and others commenting at the December 16 public meeting.

Subject to further community consultation and approval of appropriate agencies, the plans include:
  • Reburial of remains and artifacts at an appropriate location on the property of the 12th high school as soon as required permits and agreements can be obtained (likely within within 3-6 months); 
  • The fencing and placement of markers and plaques at the site;
  • Its long-term maintenance and legal designation as a cemetery site; and
  • Inclusion of paths and access.

News articles regarding Monday's Public Hearing and the PWCS Board's decision can be found in the Prince William TimesThe Washington Post, and Bristow Beat.

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