Thursday, December 12, 2013

1852 PWCo Magistrates

Alexandria Gazette
August 6, 1852

Prince William County

Brentsville, August 4, 1852 -- The following are the Magistrates of Prince William.

District No. 1 -- George H. Cockrill, W. C. Merchant, Seymour Lynn, C. G. Howison.

District No. 2 -- George Weedon, Bazil Brawner, Levi P. Lynn, Charles E. Norman.

District No. 3 -- Allen Howison, Summerfield Fitzhugh, Lewis B. Butler, Edwin Gains.

District No. 4 -- B. E. Harrison, John B. Grayson, Jesse Ewell, Winston L. Carter

Seymour Lynn, esq., has been made the presiding Justice.

[The boundaries of the districts can be found in my blog post here.]

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